How hard is Monster Hunter 3 to get into for someone who's never played it?

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User Info: slightlord

4 years ago#31
To know if you will truly enjoy the game or not, you need to put around 15 hours into it. The controls seem wonky at first, the difficulty seems a bit extreme at first, the grinding seems too tedious at first. If you put in a good 15 hours and still feel the same way about any of those three main facets, let the game go. But if you feel yourself starting to enjoy and/or feeling rewarded for your effort and devotion, then hold on to the game.

A simple rental may not give you enough, and the demo is more aimed at people that have played at least one version of the game prior as trying to make a decision about this game/series should not be made in that short a time span.

That is, unless you go in dedicated to liking the game no matter what. Which I know some people (myself included) did when jumping into the Monster Hunter franchise at first. Otherwise, understand you need to put a little time into the game before making a final judgment.
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User Info: DesperateMonkey

4 years ago#32
Jackal posted...
A good BG/Bow user does not cart all of the time. Not if they are really good. I'm not. I'm mostly a GS user but I have hammers, lances, guns, etc. I can gun with a group and solo for for some creatures and I don't cart a lot.

What is this? Didn't I just say that BGs were not good for newbs? Why are we suddenly sayin you aren't going to cart if you are good? Guess what? People good at any class isn't going to cart all the time...
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User Info: Jackal

4 years ago#33
Relax, man. There's nothing to get crazy about.
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User Info: Kromlech06

4 years ago#34
Got anyone to play it with?
That increases your enjoyment tremendously.

Also, don't be afraid to ask on boards or check wikis, a lot of crucial stuff is hidden and not told to the player right away ("how do I get X drop?, etc").
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User Info: MasterPoker

4 years ago#35
DesperateMonkey posted...
MasterPoker posted...
DesperateMonkey posted...
MasterPoker posted...
Easy = Any ranged class, but especially Bowguns and the Kelbi Bow, with online play.

Medium = Any other class with online play.

Hard = Soloing the game, or restricting yourself to local multiplayer that is <4 people.

You are spreading misinformation here. The bow and bowguns are practically the hardest weapons for a newbie.

No, I'm not. As someone who first played Tri as a pure Bowgunner, its a hell of a lot easier than migrating to a melee user (which I did in MH3U, Hammer/GS/DS).

Its far harder to get hit as a BGer. Sure, those hits deal more damage, but when has it been a habit to get hit in the first place? Especially in an online environment of 4 players, which most of the MH3U/Wii U community seems quite eager to do. Melee players are always in danger of being run over, while the BGer has to first get targeted specifically and then the monster has to actually pick a threatening attack (instead of an easily dodged projectile).

If you're carting as a BGer, you would have carted as a melee. Solo...okay, you may have problems at first getting funded. But as soon as you learn how to gather/mine, this stops being an issue. On the earliest missions prior to having an ally, you might also have problems being the only target. But as a whole, its still easier since you don't even have to learn attack patterns like a melee would.

Again, you are spreading false information. BGers cart all the time. Their armor is really weak and playing a heavy bowgun requires at least Evade Extend and experience to be effective.

Its far easier not to cart with blade masters in many (i'd say most) matchups because they can take so much damage and its easy to get away and heal and not get one or two shotted.

If you are playing online, it can be easy with any class. I was thinking more Solo. I played all of G Rank Solo before I went online and you can't do village quests with people.

Well, if you read what I've said then we don't really disagree, do we?

Solo and Online aren't to be compared, since Online is so many magnitudes easier. The majority of my play has been a combination of solo play and 2p local multi (which, with my wife or especially my son, involves some carrying on my part and hoping they don't triple cart) and yeah, a BG/Bow requires a lot more effort solo. True solo, not Kayamba/Cha-Cha solo, although its hard not to bring them along when you can get free carves. - Free, addicting rogue-based game
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