How many Wii U games do you own?

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User Info: ShinChuck

3 years ago#1
Not counting VC, I found myself surprisingly up to 11, having recently nabbed Rayman Legends. How about you?
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User Info: Mandrew257

3 years ago#2
3. NSMBU, Rayman, Pikmin 3.
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User Info: morningglory05

3 years ago#3
1) Nintendoland

2) New Super Mario Wii U

3) New Luigi U

4) Assassins Creed III

(Future purchases include Rayman Legends & have tWW HD Limited Edition preordered)

User Info: ChipChipperson

3 years ago#4
16 retail
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User Info: ElectricMole

3 years ago#5
Ninja Gaiden
Resident Evil

Wii U owner since launch.
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User Info: trenken

3 years ago#6
2 is all ive been able to muster up any interest in. ME3 since I didnt get it for the other consoles, and NSMBU which I beat and will probably never play again.
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User Info: Spillard

3 years ago#7
When I grow up I want to be a professional gamer.

User Info: Terotrous

3 years ago#8
After fixing my "My Games Page" on GF (it's getting dangerously out of date, I'm going to have to do inventory again soon), it would seem that I own 10. - Watch me beat "NES Yume Penguin Monogatari" - My backloggery

User Info: NovaLevossida

3 years ago#9
trenken posted...
2 is all ive been able to muster up any interest in

About the same for me. NSMBU when I bought the console, and digital version of NSLU which ended up redeeming NSMBU for being more or less the same game I've played over and over. I've rented a few others, including Pikmin 3, but there's nothing else out that I want to buy until Sonic.

User Info: Halladay32

3 years ago#10

-New Super Mario Bros. U (and New Super Luigi U)
-ZombiU (came with the system, never played, don't have much of a desire to)
-Nintendo Land
-Rayman Legends
(I also downloaded Runner2, if that counts)
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