What game(s) should I get with Special Zelda Edition Wii U???

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User Info: Frankula

4 years ago#1
So I will finally be getting a wii U on the 20th with the wind waker special edition. I'm wondering, what game should i get with it? I specifically ask because I won't be able to play Wind Waker till the physical copy comes out (plan on selling my digital key on ebay cause i want the special edition figure). I already plan on getting Earthbound on VC, but what game should I get?

Don't say NSMBWU because i plan on getting the Luigi version (then the original later). Also don't say pikmin cause i just don't really enjoy that series that much.
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User Info: kdognumba1

4 years ago#2
Wonderful 101 for the fact its a Platinum Games game which are generally great but rarely generate the sales they deserve.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate because its challenging, its long, and it has great online.
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User Info: mrchim

4 years ago#3
Wonderful 101 or Monster Hunter.

User Info: wingo84

4 years ago#4
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User Info: Jet_Set_Radi_Go

4 years ago#5
The Croods: Prehistoric Party

User Info: andrea987

4 years ago#6
Depending on your taste: Monster Hunter, Rayman Legend, Wonderful 101, Lego City, Nintendoland and NFS Most Wanted. Those, imo (I would've included Pikmin, but...), are the best ones out at the moment, and all excellent games.
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User Info: cloudtheprophet

4 years ago#7
Jet_Set_Radi_Go posted...
The Croods: Prehistoric Party

Planes and Smurfs 2
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