Why do you support Nintendo?

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User Info: ChipChipperson

4 years ago#111
Bloodychess posted...
Because it makes children on the internet mad.

Lol, every ounce of hate only makes me love Nintendo more.
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User Info: mariospyrofan

4 years ago#113
I support Nintendo because they make games that I enjoy. I don't really care about graphics, so if a game is fun, I play it. I just don't get tired of the Nintendo exclusives. Nintendo got me into gaming, so I can thank them for that. And that is why I am continuing to support Nintendo.

User Info: -Victini-

4 years ago#114
1-Nintendo has recently/is releasing games I want(Zelda WW, Zelda WiiU, Mario Cart 8, 007, Cabela's Dangerous hunt, DK Tropical Freeze,F&F Showdown, New Super Mario Bros U, SSB WiiU, T.C. Splinter cell blacklist, Young Justice, plus more)
2-BackWards capability. (Something the PS4 and X box 1 don't have)
3-The systems work for a long time(at least for me)(Still have a working N64 and Gamecube but my playstation broke many years ago)
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User Info: AugustDreaming

4 years ago#115
The only problems I have with Nintendo are their stance with online stuff like LPing (I'm an LPer myself so I'm involved in the situation) and how their games are really expensive in Australia. Kirby's Epic Yarn and Brawl are still $80-100 in stores >_>.

Despite that they're my favourite of the big three and make tons of great games.
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User Info: jragon23

4 years ago#116
because I like playing games for 3-8 year olds

User Info: ArabrockermanX

4 years ago#117
BkzIzu posted...
Microsoft gets tons of flak from gamers and this board hates Sony products but how could you support Nintendo?
Nintendo is the only company out of the big 3 that
*Has region locking
*Not have a Universal Account System (Making digital purchases worthless and unsafe)
*Has the worst online
*Charges you full price for HD ports
*Overprices SNES games on VC
*It also has paywalls (Pokemon Bank)
*Overpricing their hardware (3DS/WiiU both got a assive price cut which proves it)

MS earned the flak with the bullcrap they tried pulling. Also why do you assume everyone hates Sony when only a few people here do?

*Doesn't effect me any I've never ordered a game from outside the US...
*Not really they've kept all purchases safe so far and my 360 purchases are worthless on XB1...
* Both MS and Sony charge you for services that only have a few more social features the actual online infrastructure is pretty much the same(peer to peer). Where their online will benefit is the stronger hardware.
* Well if RE4 HD was a $20 game then WW HD(an actual remake) should be full priced... You get what you pay for and if you don't like the price don't buy it or wait for a price cut.
* You don't have to buy SNES games if you don't like the price go buy them used...
* Pokemon Bank sounds like something for Pokemon fans again doesn't effect me and MS and Sony have plenty of overpriced DLC(and microtransactions)... See Forza and GT5 for starters. Then there's Starhawk a complete bull what Sony done to developers of that game.
*Price drop for a console not selling well has more to do with momentum than over priced hardware. Wii U started selling at a loss if that was a true then they are still selling at a loss. I'd say the the XB1 has the most overpriced hardware you'd be better off building a PC where you don't have a yearly online fee to pay and better online than all the consoles.

User Info: DragonLW

4 years ago#118
Their games are fun and enjoyable. I don't have to kill digital hookers to have fun.
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User Info: GamersTavern

4 years ago#119
Nintendo makes Mario and Zelda games, though, and those happen to be some of my favorite games.
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User Info: Planescaped

4 years ago#120
I enjoyed Mario and Zelda quite a bit...

...then I entered puberty.

Ice burn!
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