The Wii U is the strongest platform with free online

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User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
4 years ago#21
krillens posted...
i also play PC games 95% of the time and they are dedicated

PC is different, people run their own servers.

User Info: ArabrockermanX

4 years ago#22
Well actually PC is the strongest platform with free online and its a whole lot stronger than the PS4/180.

User Info: ArabrockermanX

4 years ago#23
krillens posted...
Fisto81 posted...
LOL@Pony's trying to justify paying for peer-to-peer online gaming.

source that PS4 is peer to peer?

It will be. Also ps3 had some dedicated servers and they were awful. I don't see Sony spending a crapton to upgrade their servers so they have the ability to run a bunch of dedicated servers when they know damn well the ps4 is more capable of running online games and that the hardware on the players system will improve online games alone... Then you have a bunch of fanboys justifying paying for a service that should be free.

Now if PS+ starts having more titles that are recently released instead of old ones then I might re-evaluate if it is worth the extra cost(I cancelled it on ps3 just too much for old/junk games with a few discounts on more junk and occasionally a good deal).

User Info: LaManoNeraII

4 years ago#24

Online console games
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User Info: fire2box

4 years ago#25
I don't pay to use Steam.
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User Info: ShinChuck

4 years ago#26
XenoFFvs posted...
XBL on the otherhand, wasn't worth it to me even back before PS3 really took off and all of my friends were on XBL. I think I've paid for a total of 4 months of XBL before deciding it wasn't worth my money, I've paid for PS+ since it's been available.

I think you can make the opposite argument. Xbox Live, at least early on, was a much smoother, better online service than what Sony was offering to the young PS3. A quick Google from 2005-2008 will back up that assertion. It was smoother with a better friends' system, and just offered more features at the time.

That's definitely not the case anymore, but initially, Xbox Live was a pretty solid investment.
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User Info: Numbuh100

4 years ago#27
AwayFromHere posted...
Free online is all well and good.

Now, show me a good online game for Wii-U.

Mario Kart Wii is good online. Doesn't lag for me at all.
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User Info: Vyers

4 years ago#28
PS4 is the strongest console that gives you a ton of games to play for a yearly fee, including some of the biggest games of the year. Subscribe for LPs of Pokemon Snap, The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Warrior, Super Mario Bros. 3, Bionicle, and more~!

User Info: Omega_Black

4 years ago#29
Fisto81 posted...
LOL@Pony's trying to justify paying for peer-to-peer online gaming.
And free content, and free games, and trials, and discounts.

However, all that content is currently found on PS3's PSN store front.

I wonder how long it will take Sony to build PS4's store front up to a suitably robust selection where having those PS+ perks will actually feel "worth it".
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User Info: Iokua

4 years ago#30
PC is a platform, it's also a platform that on average makes the Wii U look like ****. Its online is also typically free.
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