I still believe in Nintendo and you should too

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User Info: segagamer

3 years ago#31
RPGbossslayer posted...
I think that Nintendo will never die because think about this, I have been playing videogames sense I was four years old and this was in 1986. my first game was super Mario bros. do you know what my second game was? (the legend of Zelda) now, that is a game. I will even go so far as to say that the legend of Zelda changed my life in a positive way. like link, when I see people who may need help I try my best to see if I can help them. as a matter of fact a month ago me and my girlfriend (who is like the Zelda to my link) were driving to my house when I spotted a runaway dog, so I decided to follow it with the car. and thank god I did, because if not for me chasing after this dog for a whole hour, it could have gotten killed on the busy street. and by mere luck, I had my green Zelda tee, LOOK... the morale of the story is some things in this world will never die, Nintendo, good story telling, and most of all... people being inspired to do right thing no matter if there's a reward or not because even though I was given $10.00 by two very grateful people and trust me I tried like at least five time to refuse the money. and plus helping people out for me is payment enough.

This is a beautiful story, you are a great person, BUT...

There are many non nintendo games where good guys save people. Example h.e.r.o. by activision on atari, which came out like 5 whole years before zelda, where you go into caves to save miners. I fail to see how this says "Nintendo will never die".

User Info: jrb363

3 years ago#32
I believe in:

- Bayonetta 2


- Zelda HD

- Super Smash Bros.

- Mario Kart 8

Those 5 games will make or break the system for me.
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