List all the Zelda games you have played in the order you played them.

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User Info: anythingisfine

4 years ago#1
Just for fun, list all the Zelda games you have played in the order you played them, how you rated them then, and if you have replayed them, how you rate them now.

The Legend of Zelda 10/10 (10/10)
I was a kid, one of the first games I played, I loved it I did not find anything wrong with it. Even on replay I'm hard pressed to find a flaw, the only thing I don't like is the slowdown I always get when playing it. To those that might just call my love of this game nostalgia, you might be right, but whatever the reason I love playing this game.

The Adventure of link 5/10
I did not like this game very much, especial after The legend of zelda, I keep wanted to go back and replay it, and will someday, just not in any big hurry.

A link to the past 10/10 (10/10)
See “the legend of Zelda” above, another gem of my childhood.

Ocarina of Time 10/10 (8/10)
amazing game when I first played it, I loved everything about it.

Link's Awakening 8/10 (9/10)
hand held greatness, at the time I did not even think about the fact that it was a departure from the normal world. This game gets a slight upgrade in score now.

Majora's mask 6/10
Please MM fans don't hate me, I was a kid, never finished it, still need to go back and play.

Oracle of Seasons/ages 4/10
I forget the one I got, I had to do some stupid dance and quite, was not that great to begian with and other games just pushed it away.

The wind waker 7/10
-2 for the sailing. Great great game, I even liked the art style, that at the time on Gamefaqs got a TON of hate. Can't wait for HD version.

Four swords adventures (not sure if this was before or after Minish cap.) 4/10
did not like this game, did not finish it, almost don't think of it as a zelda game, gets a few points because the 2 or 3 times I could get 4 people together with the necessary hardware it WAS fun for a while.

The minish cap 7/10
I almost gave this a higher score, but nothing about it other then the actual minish cap stands out to me.

Twilight princess wii 9/10
loved it

Phantom hourglass 7/10
was a fun game, I even liked the controls, seemed short and not as good as I was hoping.

Spirit tracks 8/10
a slight improvement over PH
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User Info: Iokua

4 years ago#2
Excluding the CDi games I've played every single game in the series and I played them all in the order they came out. I would feel old if I hadn't been four when I first played Zelda 1 at my cousin's house.
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User Info: ACDCrules1

4 years ago#3
The legend of Zelda... A 7 on first play through
The Adventures of Link... An 8
The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past... A 10 on first play through and a 10 now.
Link's Awakening... A 10 then and a 10 now.
Ocarina of Time... An 10 on first play through and an 8.5 now.
Majora's Mask... A 10 on both.
The Windwaker... A 7 on first play through and an eight now.
Twilight Princess... A 10 on first play through and a 10 now.
Skyward Sword... An 8.5
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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
4 years ago#4
1. Legend of Zelda
One of my first games (born in 87). Nothing else like it at the time, though I preferred Super Mario 3.

2. Ocarina of Time
I was 11 when this was released on N64. Amazing, especially at the time. Fantastic atmosphere. Lots of nostalgia for this one.

3. Majora's Mask
I actually didn't play this until years after it had released, maybe 2006. Was working on my N64 collection and picked this up. Not as "epic" as OoT, but better animations/graphics, better dungeons, and a higher challenge in my opinion make the game a winner.

4. Twilight Princess
Was my first Wii game outside of NSMBWii (which came with my system). I like the realistic...ish look of the game, but the slow tutorials and such nonsense wear on you and everything just feels like a "been there, done that" kind of thing in the end.

5. A Link to the Past
I went from an NES to a PS1/N64, I never owned a SNES and I've never been a handheld gamer so I never played this one. Well, I bought a Wii in 2011 and picked it up off Virtual Console. Good game, but any eye-popping impact was lost on me having played it so long after release.
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User Info: FenderMaster

4 years ago#5
I love these topics, we all just list and rate games, an nobody reads or gives a crapm but we still enjoy writing them!

1994. LttP - SNES, at age 8 I played briefly (20 minutes, didn't care for it

1998. LA - GBC, I thought it was impressive, but the lack of screen scrolling annoyed me, it feels like the annoying pre rendered screen to screen transitions in older Resident Evil games. 7/10

1998. OoT - N64. Had no expectations, was absolutely blown away, aside from SM64, the most mind blowing game experience I've had. 10/10

2000. MM - N64. Enjoyed it, but I'd be lying if I said the time limit in dungeons didn't annoy me, I like to take my time in Zeldas, and the dungeon resetting if you can't beat it in 3 hours ruined it a bit for me. 8/10

2002. LttP - GBA. Enjoyed it more than LA, but less than the N64 Zelda's. A good game, but not my favourite. 8/10

2005. Minish Cap - GBA. Call me crazy, but I LOVED this game! I enjoyed the world, puzzles, dungeons, exploration and side quests more than LttP or MM. 9/10

2005. Twilight Princess - Wii. I really enjoyed this game at first, I loved the world and setting, and at first the motion controls were very impressive. I gradually realised that Link wasn't responding to my motions, and I was essentially swapping a button press for waggle. Hyrule Field, the Overworld was a bit empty and the items didn't get much use outside of the dungeons. Still a solid Zelda game.

2007. Phantom Hourglass - DS. I enjoyed it in spite of the stylus controls, not because of them. The dungeons were fairly generic, and the Temple of the Ocean King wasn't fun, but for the time, the graphics were very impressive on a handheld. It was decent, nothing special. 7/10

2009. Spirit Tracks - DS. Garbage. On rails world map exploration? Side quests are on rails fetch and delivery quests? Same stylus controls I tolerated in PH? Same generic dungeon design? No thank you Nintendo, I don't want another one of these. 5/10

2011. Wind Waker - Wii/GC - I enjoyed this game plenty, but I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed having to play a song every time I wanted to change my sailing direction. The overworld wasn't the series best, nor were the dungeons, but a solid and charming Zelda game, loads of sidequests too. 8.5/10

2011. Skyward Sword - Wii - The sword controls were superb when they worked (95% of the time, but sometimes repositioning the sword prior to an attack registered as a slash, which caused issues for me when trying to break through stun rod bokoblins in the desert. The aiming went haywire too requiring recentering, usually after Link has already turned away from your target and the window of opportunity is gone. Didn't like the swimming or loftwing controls. Only three provinces, none of which are connected was something I didn't like. Some great later dungeons and Skyloft was a great town. Nice sidequests and great music. 8/10

I played a little Zelda 2 and Played a big chunk of Oracles of Ages, but I can't remember much about them, and never finished them, so won't comment. Never played the first Zelda.

User Info: JKSonic

4 years ago#6
Well TC you're no fun, lol...could have just said "I've been playing Zelda from the start and then played them all as they came out" and been done with it...haha.

I'm the same way played them from the start and as they came out. My top 3...

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User Info: R_Hunter

4 years ago#7
Hoo boy, dunno if I can think back that far. Let me see...

Zelda II (7/10) Replay (8/10)
A good game overall, just different from the series. But still a great way to kill time.

LttP (10/10) Replay (9/10)
My first Zelda in the "style" that the series is known for, and among my top ten even today.

Link's Awakening (8/10) Replay (9/10)
Found it hard as a kid, but enjoyable. As I got older, and the DX version released, I found my enjoyment to be greater, now that I had experience behind me.

OoA/OoS (10/10) Replay (Same)
i'll be honest, I can no longer remember which on I played first. Both are fantastic even today, a testament to Capcom's old school designs.

OoT (10/10) Replay (9/10)
Great for the time, and still another member of my top ten. However it is not the second coming as some seem to recall.

MM (10/10) Replay (Same)
I want a port/remake of this badly. #4 in my list.

LoZ (10/10) Replay (Same)
Fantastic. Just...fantastic. #5

WW (10/10) Replay (Same)
One of the best in the series. I love nearly everything about this one. #3

Minish Cap (9/10) Replay (Same)
Another great handheld entry, and able to stand among the console titles.

Twilight Princess (9/10) Replay (Same)
Love the game, and love me some Midna. Dat grin in her imp form. <3 #2

Phantom Hourglass (9/10) Replay (Same)
People complain about the controls, but I had no trouble with them. Also, some of the puzzles were fantastic.

Spirit Tracks (9/10) Replay (Same)
A lot of the ideas done here should be implemented in the series proper.

SS (10/10)
My favorite Zelda to date, even dethroning TP. I loved everything about it and can't wait for the next entry. #1

To the best of my knowledge, that's the order. I've played every mainline entry save for Four Swords and Adventures.
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User Info: Darth Gecko

Darth Gecko
4 years ago#8
Link to the Past - 7/10 - It was too hard the first time I played it. I liked it more the second time.

Ocarina of Time - 10/10 - Perfect game

Majora's Mask - 10/10 - Great game with extra challenge

Wind Waker - 7/10 - Felt small. A step back.

Twilight Princess - 8/10 - Right amount of dungeons. Did not like the wolf and controls.

Phantom Hourglass - 6/10 - Some good boss fights. Only played once. Hated the phantoms.

Spirit Tracks - 6.5/10 - Only played once, but I think I like it better.

Skyward Sword - 7/10 - The world felt empty. Sword fighting not very fun.
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User Info: HeroC114

4 years ago#9


3. Ocarina of Time

4. Link's Awakening

5. Zelda II: AoL

6. Majora's Mask

7. Oracle of Seasons/ Oracle of Ages

8. The Wind Waker

9. Master Quest

10. Four Swords

11. The Minish Cap

12. Twilight Princess

13. Phantom Hourglass

14. Skyward Sword

15. Spirit Tracks
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User Info: anythingisfine

4 years ago#10
JKSonic posted...
Well TC you're no fun, lol...could have just said "I've been playing Zelda from the start and then played them all as they came out" and been done with it...haha.

I'm the same way played them from the start and as they came out. My top 3...


To be honest I was not 100% I got them all in order I had to look up the list of games and release dates, but hey I was mostly wanting to hear what other people thought and felt the topic would suffer if I asked for something I did not do my self.
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