List all the Zelda games you have played in the order you played them.

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User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
4 years ago#21
I'll be giving them my qualitative descriptions, rather than a number ranking. They're mostly a descriptor of how much I enjoyed the game, rather than the game's actual quality.

Zelda II: Adventure of Link - Okay
The Legend of Zelda - Okay
Link to the Past - Great
Link's Awakening - Amazing
Ocarina of Time - Good
Majora's Mask - Great
Oracles of Ages & Seasons - Great
Wind Waker - Good
Twilight Princess - Sorta Good
Minish Cap - Okay
Skyward Sword - Bad - Wars World News - The most chilled AW community on the web.

User Info: fluffy_kins

4 years ago#22
1. Majora's Mask - 10/10 - I had no idea what Zelda even was when I picked up this game, but right away I knew it was something special. Replayed dozens of times.

2. Ocarina of Time -10/10 - MM's equal. I loved how different the two were, but OoT took a more coming of age, epic story approach. But to this day, the n64 Zeldas have really stuck with me and made a huge impression on which types of games I like to play. Replayed dozens of times.

3. Wind Waker - 10/10 - I had just gotten into Zelda when this game was on the horizon. I personally loved the change in art style and found the game to be a perfect sequel, sailing and all. Replayed dozens of times.

4. Adventure of Link (I think) - 4/10 - Bleh. I tried to force myself to play this but the crazy difficulty and RPG/side scroller deal was just not my thing. Didn't even finish playing once.

5. Legend of Zelda -7/10 - I was skeptical about such an old game and I had to use a guide, but I honestly really liked it. If you ever need to remember what made Zelda great, play this game. Having a huge world at your fingertips, full of secrets and magic weapons, is just plain fun and a pleasure to explore. Only played once.

6. Minish Cap - 7/10 - I honestly don't remember a ton about this game. I remember it was decent and I kinda remember the story. Only played it once, obviously.

7. Twilight Princess -9/10 - man, remember how hyped up this game was? I got my hopes way too high. But after I got past that initial disappointment, I realized what an enormous, highly polished game TP is. People love to criticize it, but it felt like a love letter to OoT fans. Though it did have issues, like not using items effectively or having an overworld that was a little too large and housed too little secrets, it was a great game. Played at least 10 times.

8. A Link to the Past - 8/10 - Wow. It's hard to believe this game is almost as old as me. What an ambitious, creative piece of art. I also can't believe I waited so long to play it. It also made me appreciate just how well OoT made the transition for the series to 3D. The only downside is that it can be frustrating at times, being so old. Played 2 or 3 times.

9. Phantom Hourglass - 6/10 - Meh. Controlling Link with the stylus was a pain. Sailing was way more boring than WW. The Temple of the Ocean King was a major pain. That's all I remember about the game and that's not good. Played once.

10. Spirit Tracks - 7/10 - Okay, this was honestly a pretty good game (for a handheld) but it was really hindered by some pretty major things. One, traveling by train... my god, talk about mind numbingly boring. And two, the flute sections... I dunno if it's just cuz I played it on a fat DS, but I would struggle like hell to play those flute songs and have the game recognize them. That was not pleasant at all. But the game had a good story and really good dungeons. Played twice.

11. Oracle of......? -9/10 - Haha, okay I really don't remember which Oracle game I played. I think it was Ages. I played it via... a certain method and for some reason never got around to playing Seasons, but it was a great game. Kind of reminded me of MM in that it did something different with the series but it ended up being just as good. Played once.

11. Skyward Sword - 5/10 - sigh. This game was just a wreck, from its compromised art style to its gimmicky controls and contrived combat. Shall I even go into all the padding and fluff? Or the exceedingly annoying Fi? The repeating boss battles? Oy. Nintendo really dropped the ball with this one. At least it had really good dungeons. Played twice.

Still haven't played Link's Awakening, and I really want to. Once I get a 3DS I'll have to download it.
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User Info: drill bees

drill bees
4 years ago#23
Link to the Past (GBA Port)
Four Swords
Twilight Princess
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
Link to the Past
Zelda 1
Zelda 2
Minish Cap
Link's Awakening
Skyward Sword
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
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User Info: Miyamoto_Shiggy

4 years ago#24
Link to the Past 10/10.
A great game, with beautiful, vibrant visuals, memorable music, and an epic story. The gameplay was fun, slow, but fun.

OoT 4/10.
Being an N64 only person, I had only three games for the blasted thing.
Goldeneye, Mario 64, and OoT. The first two were great, but OoT is just... I never even finished it on the N64. It wasn't until OoT 3D came out, that I finished it, and it's one of the worst Nintendo games out there.
Other M is only SLIGHTLY worse.

Zelda 1 0/10.
It's bad.

Zelda 2 6/10.
Bad Zelda, great Castlevania.

Majora's Mask 6/10.
A bit better than OoT, but not by much.

Twilight Princess 9/10.
What OoT SHOULD have been.
Faster pacing, better writing, better music, much less annoying navigator, better visuals, better controls (talking about GC version), and a much better end boss.
Not to mention, you can use your sword on Epona! About damn time!

Skyward Sword 8/10.
Good, not perfect, it has some flaws, and none of them are the controls.
Story is pretty meh, but everything else is pretty good.

WW 8/10.
Haven't finished it yet.
But it's good so far.
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User Info: NovaeGamer

4 years ago#25
1. A Link to the Past:
First Time: I was to young (or stupid) to really form my own opinion, or I just don't remember it..... (X/10)
Replays: I reaplayed it ~10 Times, and every time it is fun to play through! (10/10)

2. Links Awakening:
First Time: I got that one shortly after ALttP, so still no "first impressions" here.........(X/10)
Replays: I replayed it a few times on GB and a few times as LA-DX, every time a solid game with few flaws (7/10)

3. Ocarina of Time:
First TIme: Finally a game where I was old enough to have an actual opinion, I still remember my whole family saying how "incredibly realistic the graphic of games has become". Solid game, basically a 3D version of ALttP with minor flaws. (9/10)
Replays: Replayed it ~3 times as OoT, 2 times as MQ, and 2 times as OoT3D; every time fun (for most of the time); (9/10)

4. Oracle of both Things:
First Time: I still remember how I was instantly disappointed by the concept of linking two games for it to become one experience, hated that about Pokèmon as well....but when I finally did link it, the whole experience was a great one! (9/10)
Replays: Nothing really changed with the replays I did, still don't liked the linking stuff.......(9/10)

5. Majoras Mask:
First Time: Sadly I got this one when all of my controllers suffered from severe "analog-stick-almost-destroyed-due-to-Mario-Party"-Syndrome; so at some points I had no possibility to this first impression got somewhat was a very weird and unconventional Zelda; but overall I liked it very much....(8/10)
Replays: I never got to replay it; still planning on doing it at some point.....

6. Wind Waker:
First Time: Incredibly great game, to this day the pure embodiment of what exploration feels like; liked almost every aspect of the game, still don't understand why the Triforce-Quest is so hated..........(10/10)
Replays: Since I loved the game this much, I replayed it as soon as I finished it; still didn't find the Triforce-Quest tedious.......still loved the game....(will most likely buy WWHD, and replay it again)....(10/10)

7. Minish Cap:
First Time: Seriously great game, nothing else to say! (9/10)
Replays: Replayed it ~3 times.....every time a great experience. (9/10)

8. Twilight Princess:
First Time: Didn't like it at all, I still don't know why, but it never "clicked"; I still belive that I gave this game not enough time to prove itself, but the first impression is........(6/10)
(Maybe somwhat because I played it directly after Okami, which seriously blew my mind!)
Replays: Never replayed it, but I want to do so at some point; since I still think I never gave it a fair chance.

9. Phantom Hourglass:
First Time: .....OMG controls; were the first impressions, but afterwards it was a very decent game; not great; not bad; just decent (7/10)
Replays:Never did a replay, and I am not really planning to;

10. Skyward Sword:
First Time: Liked the Game, was indifferent to the controls, still think Demise looks like Akuma (8/10)
Replays: I just finished it 4 month ago........

11. Spirit Tracks:
First Time: .......OMG controls again....still a somewhat fun game, again only decent (7/10)
Replays: .....finished it last month.....

12. Legend of Zelda:
First Time: After playing almost everything else....I decided to try it. Because I knew how the game was I played it with some help of a guide; which greatly increased the fun in it. Still, it is a old game, and it doesn't compare well to its successors. (6/10)
Replays: Nope, one Time is enough.

Feel free to add "IMO" or "to me" to some of my sentences if you disagree.
When I want realistic graphics, I take a break from gaming and look at reality......

User Info: Emeraldrox

4 years ago#26
1. Oracle of Seasons

2. Wind Waker - favorite game of all time.

3. Ocarina of Time/MQ

4. Twilight princess GC

5. Majora's Mask

6. Zelda 1

7. Zelda 2

8. Minish Cap - I honestly think this may of came before MM and TP. I don't remember.

9. Four Swords Gamecube

10. Link's Awakening

11. Skyward Sword

12. Oracle of Ages

13. A link to the past - Havent even beaten this yet. I really don't like it. At all.

ST and PH were both gotten at launch, but I try to block those two games out of my mind. Can't even figure out where to put them.
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User Info: Wildspark

4 years ago#27
(2007) Twilight Princess- I had a lot of fun playing it, especially since I had never played a Zelda game before 8/10

(2012) Ocarina of Time- People always talk about how good this game was, so I gave it a try and I loved it. The dune one and puzzles were cool and it felt like I was really on a big epic quest to save the world. 10/10

(2012)Skyward Sword- this game got good reviews and I was so hyped to play it. Unfortunately, it was a complete disappointment for me. The controls were wonky and you had to recallibrate the wii motion plus all the time. The graphics were pretty, but the the world was small and closed off instead of open so that you could explore like you did in other zelda games. The dungeons were boring and you had to relight the same bosses and revisit all of the dungeons. It was so much of a pain that I just couldn't get through the whole thing. 6/10

(2013) A link to the past/ Minish Cap- I started playing these games recently and they're a lot of fun (especially) a link to the past.8/10
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User Info: melbye80

4 years ago#28
Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link 8/10
The Legend of Zelda 9/10
The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past 10/10
The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening 9/10
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 10/10
The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 9.5/10
The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker 9,5/10
The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Season 9/10
The Legend of Zelda Minish Cap 8.5/10
The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages 8/10
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 910
The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures 7/10
The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass 8.5/10
The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks 8/10
The Legend of Zelda Four Swords 7/10
The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword 9.5/10

User Info: lostinhellview

4 years ago#29
Zelda nes (9/10)
adventure of link (4) (incomp)
alttp (6)(incomplete)
Oot (10)
links awakining (7)(incomplete)
mm (9)
ww (8)
fsa (6)(inc)
tp (7)
ss (8)

User Info: lordjers

4 years ago#30
A Link to the Past : 9/10
The Legend of Zelda: 10/10
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: 7/10
Link's Awakening: 6/10
Ocarina of Time: 10/10
Majora's Mask: 9/10
Oracle of Ages / Seasons: 8/10 (If I must single them out Ages alone is 9. Seasons would be 7).
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