Assassins creed 4 looks so badass.

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User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#1
It makes what I have seen of ass creed 3 look pathetic in comparison.
This is a work of a demon isn't it? Demons here, demons there! It's all so....demoning.

User Info: cybersonic233

4 years ago#2
Assassins Creed 3 was a decent game havent got 100% yet but Assassins Creed 4 is looking to be an awesome game

User Info: Miyamoto_Shiggy

4 years ago#3
It looks okay.

User Info: knob1701

4 years ago#4
It does but I am kind of burned out on the whole series. Did not enjoy AC3 like I thought I would.

User Info: R_Hunter

4 years ago#5
So what's new in this one?
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User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#6
Assassin's creed 3's patheticness is the reason I didn't preorder Assassin's Creed 4.

That, and Desmond's Story is kind of over. I play Assassin's creed for the overarching storyline and not necessarily for the past lives.

Also: I don't want to play a pirate, I want to play an Assassin.

That is the reason, that game fell through my priority list on last place. I'll probably get it on a steam sale.

User Info: Talinthis2

4 years ago#7
are we an an animus person still? or is that done for?

User Info: thefabregas22

4 years ago#8
is the wii u version the same as the ps4 and xb1?
I heard it was the same as ps360
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User Info: wingo84

4 years ago#9
I got this pre ordered for £29 :D Booyeh
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  3. Assassins creed 4 looks so badass.

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