Is GameStop TRYING to make Wii U fail?

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User Info: Fisto81

3 years ago#1
I honestly think its time for us Nintendo Fans to boycott GameStop for good.

I just went in to pick up Wonderful 101. He asked me if I preordered and I told him no. Then he told me "well we only have enough for our preorders!"

I couldn't believe it. "You guys do that on purpose to force people to preorder and meet your stupid quotas!" I told him. He responded by saying that some games are rare and pre-ordering makes it so that they can get enough copies for their location.

But here's the best part: as I was leaving to go to Best Buy, this jack@$$ has the nerve to ask me if I preordered GTA V yet!!!

I decided I'm never going to another GameStop again. I will never renew my power up rewards again. Their preorder shenanigans are one thing, but actively pushing Sony/M$ titles and belittling Wii U is taking it too far.
This isn't Wii U specific. This is how Gamestop operates to drive preorders. Go anywhere else and you'll find plenty of copies.
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User Info: huckbeine

3 years ago#3
dont blame him hes doing his job. countless gamestop employees get fired for not asking customers if they havent preordered the latest game.

User Info: HaloOfTheSun442

3 years ago#4
I don't think your "conversation" actually happened. But yes, GameStop only stocks enough new games for preorders (and often not even then and will screw someone over who preordered). This is why preordering is generally a bad idea, especially since you can go to pretty much any other store and just pick up the game.

User Info: Bloodychess

3 years ago#5
Parody account telling people to boycott Gamestop.

Move on.
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User Info: Companion_Cube_

3 years ago#6
They do this all the time.
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User Info: Mega Wolf

Mega Wolf
3 years ago#7
Gamestops preordering works like this.
If it's not a big name titles (GTA, Madden, CoD), Gamestop only gets enough for preorders +10% if I recall. (EX. Gamestop gets 5 preorders, they will get 1 copy for non preorders)
So yea, preordering helps with stock on rare games (mostly japanese). So I dont know why people complain when they come in and gamestop doesn't have it. You knew you wanted it, you shoulda pre ordered it.
Not only does it help the publishers, it help stores get stock which means they would get more for non pre order costumers.

I mean why whine.
If they dont have it and you dont like pre ordering even though you know you are already getting the game, go buy it somewhere else.

I use to work there and this is one of the complaints I dont get, though most other complaints are legit.
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User Info: zender1999

3 years ago#8
its nintendo that puts limited copies out, they want digital sales, it is more money for nintendo

User Info: Wiiplayer111

3 years ago#9
chris1001 the sequel posted...
This isn't Wii U specific. This is how Gamestop operates to drive preorders. Go anywhere else and you'll find plenty of copies.

This. I saw this happen with MGS, KH, FF as well. And a lot of times they even under order so there isn't even enough for pre-orders.
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User Info: Shagyam

3 years ago#10
Are you stupid?

It's a rare Japanese game for the Wiiu. Do you really expect gamestop to order 100 copies when they only had 10 pre orders?
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