Nintendo games that you dislike/hate/despise yet consider to be objectively good

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User Info: JaivfromONM

3 years ago#61
Pokemon and Xenoblade Chronicles
Great games but I just don't enjoy them
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User Info: mooreandrew58

3 years ago#62
WickedSickJosh posted...
NerdimusPrime posted...
WickedSickJosh posted...
Majora's Mask and Zelda II. I forced myself to complete MM and couldn't stand more than an hour of Zelda II. I'm starting to think they're only considered "great" because of some hipster-syndrome fans get.

If you didn't grow up with 8-bit gaming, I can see the dislike of Zelda II, at the time it was great ( although the end boss is hard as #$%^). Majora's Mask is overrated by hipsters who think disliking Oot makes them cool.

I actually grew up with 8-bit gaming (with a gold cartridge Zelda being my very first game). I never got the chance to play Zelda II until the GBA rerelease. I'm sure if I got to try it as a kid I would have easily tolerated it, but today, I can't. I want to, I've tried, but I simply can't.

I first played it, and the original zelda on some collection disc for the gamecube. I highly enjoyed both, mostly for the challenge and sense of accomplishment once beating them though. sure there is harder nes games but going from then modern games back to nes is like night and day when it comes to difficulty lol

anyways as for the topic. for a game i'd have to go with majora's mask. I liked it the first time I played but since then ive tried playing it again and just can't get back into it. its a good game but I didn't like the atmosphere and the whole 3 day system thing. the masks was the only thing in it I really liked, mostly the ones that transformed you.

and for a whole series, F-Zero. game seemed really fun, but 1, I don't like racing games. and 2, out of the few racing games i've played the F-Zero I played was probably the hardest so I couldn't really do much since all I did was lose once I got to a certain point
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User Info: Jaghave

3 years ago#64
Any yoshi games
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User Info: KOOGAR

3 years ago#65
Smash Bros and Pokemon - I never understood why people like those games

User Info: Velocirapteryx

3 years ago#66
Fire Emblem: Awakening

I feel it's too much of a departure from the rest of the series, and I can't stand how the only thing people care about from that game is finding an anime girlfriend/boyfriend.

However, it does what it does well and I can see why people like it. Aside from the waifu stuff.
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User Info: Gangeki

3 years ago#67
Kid Icarus: Uprising, I honestly regret buying this game.

User Info: hhjghbhghnmh

3 years ago#68
LuffyStrawhat posted...
Ocarina of Garbage...
Yeah, that game is overrated garbage. Taste the truth and savor it forever, nostalgia losers. And yes, its the truth lol

See WickedSickJosh's posts. You read the title wrong. Or are just a douche trying to start an argument.

Anyways, on topic, I guess Pikmin. Even saying I dislike it is a little harsh, I'll admit I had a bit of fun with it, but I never got as into it as the fans do. Still, I can totally understand why you would like it.

User Info: TowerBooks3192

3 years ago#69
Pokemon. Its a great series and loved it but the thing that I hate about it is the lack of a different run of the mill "hey I am a pokemon professor but my pokedex is empty and you should go and fill it" kind of thing.

Would be happier if the approach to the story they would give you would be like the Yugioh games where you are playing as you and you try to fit in the story.

Last and the thing that made me sort of stopped playing pokemon is the fact that I need to have all the older games in order to get all pokemon. I would understand it if they made a shiny palkia through an event but would greatly appreciate it if all legendaries, which are an important part of pokemon are included. I could tolerate the version difference pokemons but not the event ones or ones that require the past games to catch.
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User Info: Snake99001

3 years ago#70
Zelda games. I totally understand why people love them and I tried to like them myself. I played the original, Ocarina on 3DS, Link to the past and even Phantom Hourglass. I can't explain why but they feel kinda boring...
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