IF we ever get a super metroid remake

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User Info: Craig--a

4 years ago#11
KaiserWarrior posted...
Craig--a posted...
Are posts like this not against the TOS? I'm not reporting you or anything but surely these games are far from legal.

Copyright violations technically, but not illegal. Punishable in civil court, not criminal. I weep for the soul of anyone who would take issue with classic games receiving a lovingly-crafted fan facelift when the corps won't do it.

I dont care either way as I have no intention of playing these but I have seen people modded for less than providing a link to something.

I had a post modded for piracy because I said I would use a 3rd party product to make my 3DS region free if I could. No specifics.

User Info: Dark_Link92

4 years ago#12
KaiserWarrior posted...
TallWhiteNinja posted...
I'd rather they remade Metroid II, personally: SM still by-and-large holds up.

I highly recommend checking out Another Metroid II Remake (AM2R). He's done a fantastic job bringing Return of Samus up to the standards of Super Metroid and the GBA releases. Not quite done yet, but getting close.

Pretty sure he's been "close" to finishing for a couple of years now. He doesn't update too frequently any more.
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User Info: NovaeGamer

4 years ago#13
hmmmm, would buy that remake; but would much rather see a sequel that follows the "traditional" 2D-Metroid-Formula of Zero/Super/Fusion Metroid.
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