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User Info: HermeticJustice

4 years ago#1
finish this sentence in what you think Nintendo is, make sure it follows the statement, it can end however you want

for instance if you think Nintendo is doing great, don't post "Nintendo is doing great" just post "doing great"

also, simply end the sentence that the topic title started, no need to go into deep talks about the history of gaming

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User Info: GastonRabbit

4 years ago#2
an old school game company.
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User Info: godslayer61

4 years ago#3
F$^##^^$ up the wii u big time.
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User Info: Chicken

4 years ago#4
Doing better financially than any of their 'competition' by a landslide.

User Info: ChipChipperson

4 years ago#5
the only company who remembers that games are supposed to be fun, not technological peeing contests.
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User Info: plasmatic5

4 years ago#6
an innovator when it comes to how we game.
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User Info: Kromlech06

4 years ago#7
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User Info: G1ingy

4 years ago#8
a Japanese company that far too many of my classmates mistook as an American one during the 90's...

(seriously, what part of nin-ten-do sounds american?)

User Info: TalentedM

4 years ago#9
I'm not familiar with the type of thing I'm seeing

User Info: Iokua

4 years ago#10
In dire need of a lesson in marketing.
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