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User Info: LynxAngeloC

4 years ago#1
I guess I'll drop my review for the game (by which I mean a bullet point list of things I liked and disliked, and a score because I know how much you guys care about score).

+ There are multiple inputs to drawing and one thing I think people don't understand is that analog drawing and screen drawing should be reserved for different uses, depending on the current situation. Analog drawing is meant for more combat-oriented unite morphs, like the fist or the sword. This is why these combat-based ones are more simple in shape. Drawing a circle to input the fist is actually a lot like inputting a movement in a fighting game. On the other side, screen drawing is better equipped for non-combat morphs, like the glider. Drawing a triangle, or the glider, with the stick is a bit clunky, but works well on the screen, and the glider is a non-combat morph. Whether or not this was Platinum's intentions, its how I'd like to see it.

+ The Unite Morphs all have a "reason to exist" for lack of a better phrase. They each have a useful function and correspond to some kind of damage output. None feel thrown in or not as useful. An example would be how the sword deals a lot of damage to one foe, while the sword deals small damage to many foes. With the ability to perform many unite morphs at once, combat manages to feel both crazy and systematic, but above all, it sure is very satisfying.

+ Enemies, and the placement of enemies, are also neatly crafted. Enemies typically have a weakness to a particular morph. For example, the jello morph allows you to deflect cannons back at enemy tanks. This may seem basic at first, but as you experience combat, you'll find many hidden depths. While W101 has many CUHRAZY encounters, its at its best as a tactical game where you exploit enemy weaknesses with your arsenal of morphs.

+ Although there are some questionably gimmicky scenarios, the game never breaks from its core gameplay. You may be controlling a space ship from the inside and protecting both the inside and outside of the ship at once, but it doesn't feel out of place, gameplay-wise. An example of a bad time a Platinum game has done something like this would be the motorcycle or missile mission, which did feel out of place.

+ Every moment feels like a new learning experience. You constantly uncover new depth to the gameplay, and each new thing you learn from playing the game -- whether it be: recruiting enemies, picking up enemies, taunting, realizing the multiple tiers to Unite Gun and how it turns into a super scope -- should bring a smile to your face.

+ The game has an overly enjoyable and charming atmosphere. It feels almost as if you are playing with action figures because of how toy-like the characters appear and how each level feels like a play set. If you don't feel some kind of nostalgic value or child-like innocence, you must have had a dark childhood.

+ Many unlockables and modes add to the already existing high replay value which the gameplay alone achieves.

User Info: LynxAngeloC

4 years ago#2
- Levels are ridiculously lengthy. Platinum must be out of their minds to think we could even come close to platinuming some of these levels, let alone pure platinum them. Long levels just do not work in a game like this. Bayonetta had a pretty decent length per level and didn't throw in multiple scenarios with too many tactics involved, where as this game does.

- As with almost all of Kamiya's action games, using items lower your total score -- something I've always been against in his games. We spend so much time collecting items, and yet the game actively disapproves of us using them.

- When you enter buildings, the camera switches to a more traditional third person perspective on the gamepad. This mechanic feels more gimmicky than anything and besides the one or two cool encounters that utilize this, it mostly feels like padding.

- Way too many QTEs. QTEs could have easily been well executed in this game. However, they're really just one of the characters yelling out a move you have to draw and they give you like ten seconds to draw something that takes a second. Personally, I think it would have been better if you weren't blatantly told what to draw and instead given a prompt to draw some kind of unite that might be fitting in this situation. Say, a giant rock came at you, and the game froze to allow you to input a morph. You wouldn't be told to draw a unite fist, but instinctively, I think most would draw a unite fist.

Overall, I give the Wonderful 101 a 9.3/10.

User Info: citrean

4 years ago#3
Good job, great review! agreed with most of it other than the complaint about the levels being too long.
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User Info: TalentedM

4 years ago#4
Good review. I don't honestly think you need a score, just your impressions of the game and overall mechanics with the good and the bad were more than enough.

(I am just not a fan of scores in general...)
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User Info: Sirian_Hawk

4 years ago#5
You know, I figured that this game would have had at least a few reviews giving it scores out of 101. You know like "93/101", just as a joke reference to the name, and yet I have not seen it once. Huh. I'm actually a little disappointed.
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User Info: diggyfresh

4 years ago#6
I actually like the QTEs in this game. They're inventive!
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#7
You get more points if you use more people in those QTE's...
I don't mind items lowering your rank, but it is ridiculous that there's so many of them in the game.

Length of the levels is fine, IMO. It requires you to perform consistently good to get those high ranks, not just for a few moments.
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User Info: HorrorSindicate

4 years ago#8
Do higher scores unlock characters or abilities? Oftentimes scores are mostly there for aesthetic.
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User Info: LynxAngeloC

4 years ago#9

User Info: EarthLord_CJ

4 years ago#10
HorrorSindicate posted...
Do higher scores unlock characters or abilities? Oftentimes scores are mostly there for aesthetic.

Points are mostly just there for the sake of it, but a better score/better performance within a level generally earns you more cash, which you use to buy various items/upgrades/abilities.

Works a bit like Viewtiful Joe in that aspect.
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