What do you think was Nintendos best console?

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User Info: QUIK

3 years ago#1
My first Nintendo console was the NES. Other consoles I owned by Nintendo was the 3ds, Gameboy and N64. I never owned a GameCube or any other Nintendo console after that and I don't want to get into details why lets just say Microsoft and Sony took over for me...

But in my opinion Nintendo 64 was hands down the best console released by Nintendo. It had the analog controller first, goldeneye 007, Mario 64, wcw revenge, starfox, Zelda oot and so much more. I think after the 64 they were always in last place...

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Which console do you think was their best one?

User Info: Tsutarja495

3 years ago#2
Nintendo DS
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User Info: Jacob46719

3 years ago#3
Wii U bercuz smash and kart
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User Info: QUIK

3 years ago#4
Jacob46719 posted...
Wii U bercuz smash and kart

I got to say Smash Brothers is the only game besides sports game where people in your house can actually play together and not have to play on the Internet. That's why I love that game you can play with friends that are in your house. Sony and Microsoft don't have that.

User Info: Bahamut_10th

3 years ago#5
SNES. Lots of games. And lots of good and memorable games.
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User Info: Leon_Powalski_7

3 years ago#6
The gamecube, because it had a great controller, ww, paper Mario ttyd, metroid prime 1&2, double dash, and better 3rd party support than the wii
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User Info: VanderZoo

3 years ago#7
N64, it was revolutionary. Nothing quite compares to making the jump from 2D Zelda and Mario to 3D for the first time. And playing 4 player multiplayer in games like Goldeneye and Smash bros (all games I had played up until then were just 2D 2 player games at most)... N64 was awesome.
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User Info: mashu

3 years ago#8
Objectively, I'd say SNES. My personal favorite though was the GC.

User Info: wugeezy

3 years ago#9
Bahamut_10th posted...
SNES. Lots of games. And lots of good and memorable games.

User Info: imamelia

3 years ago#10
The SNES/Super Famicom. It just had so many good games in such a wide variety, including some of my absolute favorites of all time. I'd have to say the Nintendo 64 was their worst...I think about the only thing that did for me was give me a deep loathing of collectathon games (well, and make me gain a new appreciation of the PS1, PS2, and Wii U's control sticks). The GameCube wasn't a lot better, but at least it had a couple of RPGs and whatnot that I could play. For me, there's no contest at all between either of those and their Sony counterparts. Among handhelds only, I'd go with the DS, followed by the 3DS. The GBA suffered from having too many ports of SNES games, even if it did have a few decent exclusives (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for one), and I'm not too familiar with the libraries of the first two Game Boys.
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