Why do everyone else's games drop in price so much faster than Nintendo's?

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User Info: KaiserWarrior

3 years ago#41
Because when a Nintendo game stops performing well at original MSRP, they just stop making copies rather than lower the price (which is what everyone else does).

This is why a number of Nintendo first- and second-party titles are so rare. They didn't do that well initially and, rather than lowering the price to meet the demand point, they just stop printing altogether. See also: Metroid Prime Trilogy.

User Info: PaladinAlik

3 years ago#42
STN79 posted...
I've noticed this probably ever since the PS1 era. When the games are new they're like 50 dollars or more. Then about six months after release they drop way down. Sometimes even into single digits. Like for example the current asking price for the big budget highly popular MGS 4 at Gamestop is 6.99! I mean how the hell is it that cheap when they wanted 60 bucks for it brand new? Sure the game is 5 years old now but they still want 17 dollars for Mario galaxy and it's 6 years old. Guess that means GTA V will be 20 bucks in a few months right?

Can anyone explain to me what's going on here?

You pay for quality. Nintendo games hold their quality longer
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User Info: bigybri

3 years ago#43
TC's example of "MGS 4" and "SMario Galaxy" is a good example of quality games going in different price directions. Maybe Mario vs Maximo or Jak, but both are quality games.

I guess Nintendo has the Disney effect on their games. A friend of mine dosen't even open his Disney movies when he already has the standard edition. Very expensive but game collectors do similar things.

When is the best time to buy Nintendo software? When it's new so it depreciates and slowly appreciates. Clearance at Gamestop, sometimes scratched and not salable in like new conditon. Or hope that a retailer puts it on sale new?
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User Info: Shadowbird_RH

3 years ago#44
Because they have bad business sense. Who wants to pay full price for a new game that'll be selling at half price in just a few months?
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User Info: RJGamer1990

3 years ago#45
Nintendo supply for demand, meaning they won't make more copies of a game than they deem possible to sell, where other companies make millions of copies hoping to get those sales, when they don't the retailers drop the price down so they continue selling. Also the big 3rd party games that drop price either A) sold heaps so they can sell it for cheaper or B) Didn't sell enough and they drop the price to entice consumers.

Like everyone has said before nintendo franchises have such a core fanbase that no matter what the game it will sell like hotcakes because its timeless, tie that in with the fact that their is generally only one entry per gen and they can. want your mario kart fix on Wii? well theirs only one game.

User Info: bigybri

3 years ago#46
That's a great point RJGamer, there is only one "Mario Kart" and "SSMBros" usually per console. Do you think Sony and MS will adopt a similar strategy next gen? It's quite obvious to me that game deflation is out of control. I can't believe online prices of new games like "RE6" going down to $10 so quick and 1,000's of games used under $20 at GAmestop.

Makes me wish I realizing the Nintendo brand price inflation sooner. Have you seen the prices of Gamecube first party games? "Fire Emblem", I think I worked at Gamestop that year and no one bought it after day 1.
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User Info: SandOnMyBoot

3 years ago#47
It's not just Gamestop. Years after Twilight Princess and Mario Galaxy came out, Walmart was still selling them for $50 while all the hit PS3/360 games from the same year were only $15-$30 at most.

I eventually did get Twilight Princess since I had a 25% off coupon for an electronics store that sold it, but I never got SMG or SMG2. Now that they are finally being sold at lower prices, it's been so long that I don't have any interest in playing them anymore.

I also think that the Wii taking way too long to finally start putting out "Greatest Hits/Player's Choice" re-releases might've been part of the problem.
Glad Superman 64 was the third best-selling Nintendo 64 title upon release and was a success. Supporting risk-takers and change is how the industry grows.

User Info: Mandrew257

3 years ago#48
Because they are so good.
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User Info: bigybri

3 years ago#49
Wal Mart's stock in my area is new only, so Nintendo brand games don't go down in price until the MSRP goes down. But, there are tons of discounted non-Nintendo games, but "T.Princess", "Mario Galaxy 1", "Super Paper..", and some Mario sports games are readily available at my local Wal Mart for $20., but like the previous poster, I've lost interest in them and don't have a Wii hooked up anymore.

I think this massive deflation is more an issue of end of generation. And without Backward Comp., Gamestop escpecially has good reason to discount games to avoid deflating inventory. I can't exactly remember what it was like at the end of last generation, but I remember people losing interest in last geneartion over night. Micro soft stopped updating their B.Comp emulation and no one cared.

Will price deflation be different in next gen.? "Batman Origins" is going to release at a lower price point of Wii-U, maybe Nintendo is more aggressive in their price discounts.
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