How come people on this board think X won't be a system seller?

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User Info: Sinfullyvannila

4 years ago#101
detchibe posted...
Sinfullyvannila posted...
detchibe posted...
Sinfullyvannila posted...
FF sticking to the bloated conventionalitys of big-budget AAA production, e.g. Scripted cutscenes, QTEs, is, y'know, pretty conventional.

Perhaps, but they are conventions that FF itself had a very large hand in establishing, which is what you are assuming X will do(establish conventions, not those particular ones).

Wasn't it games like Resident Evil 4, Half-Life, Uncharted and Western design philosophy in general which had the most influence in the conventions used in recent FF games? In my eyes, Lightning era FF hasn't really done anything to break away from the industry standard.

I will admit just from looking at the teasers for X that it's following the Nintendo philosophy of gameplay first, which I guess is a convention in itself, but one that seems a more natural fit for video games.

Which ones specifically are you talking about? Because FF in particular was hugely influential with scripted cutscenes and huge budgets. QTEs less so, but FFVIII had a little of them(though to be honest I was mostly thinking about KH2 TBH).

Sorry, I didn't mean scripted cutscenes, I meant scripted set pieces, which FFXV seems to have adopted.

Pretty much every game, especially the FF series has scripted set-pieces.

They would be the CGI sequences in post-6 FFs.
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User Info: The13Doctors

4 years ago#102
"system sellers" are a myth, there's no such thing. People buy systems for a library of games, X will just add to an established library. The overall library will sell systems.
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User Info: kdognumba1

4 years ago#103
Sinfullyvannila posted...
iMURDAu posted...
Has there ever been an RPG that was a system seller?

Final Fantasy VII. I also know a few people who didn't bother with the PS2 until FF X.

But I'm buying a Wii U for "X". And I need tissues from crying with laughter after seeing lokua say Skyrim isn't even an RPG.

There's a lot of TES fans that don't regard it as such. The PC board was a warzone shortly after release.

Obviously TES is a Strategy game series!
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#104
Death47 posted...
I hope you guys realize Xenoblade would've sold far more were it not for its limited run and gamestop exclusivity?

They only had one batch

Who's to say they won't do the same with the next one?
They did it with Fire Emblem on 3DS last I heard.
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User Info: lgi

4 years ago#105
The13Doctors posted...
"system sellers" are a myth, there's no such thing. People buy systems for a library of games, X will just add to an established library. The overall library will sell systems.

I purchased the PS3 for God of War and Metal Gear. I know folks that got the Wii just for Zelda alone. There are system sellers out there. I'm sure there are folks holding out purchasing the Wii U just for Smash.

User Info: DisgaeaNut

4 years ago#106
X will be a niche title since third party games don't sell well on Nintendo consoles, nor do RPGs and the only reason Xenoblade Chronicles is such a hot title is it had a small run, was sold in one chain and was extremely limited.

Make X readily available and it won't even move 500,000 copies.

User Info: AkaneJones

4 years ago#107
I'm discussed in some of you many of those games listed early on are still systems sellers or people holding out hope.

Pokemon = Still a system seller, but most give into that one.

Monster Hunter = Still a system seller, if Japan on MH4 is to be believed, but again a few acknowledge it.

Dragon Quest = Still for Japan provided it isn't a spin off or an MMO, actually I'm willing to bet if the DQ7 remake is localized it it will sell a fair few 3DSs. Nintendo managed to put the series back on the map with adversing they did for DQIX, it made the DQIV & V remakes sought after after SE's failure to advertise had made Nintendo their last hope.

Final Fantasy = Still technically a system seller, except that SE has been doing everything wrong and brand killing. FFX was a system seller, FFIII was a system seller, and even FFXIII was a system seller to early PS3 adopters. The problem is current trends are questionable thus the crappy FFXIII games, and iOS chasing has killed the brands system selling potential. Problem some people already bought 3DS on Final Fantasy potential(they really wanted a 3D remake of FFV or FFVI, but are getting neither) Maybe renamed Bravely Default is the real system seller here, I don't know but FFXV is hopping enough dopes still trust SE enough to buy it. Actually Kingdom Hearts is still a system seller, but most current audience seem to be divided if they can't make a WiiU version, because even if KH is a system seller buying ever system for one game means people choose only one system. Most KH fans already went 3DS, many are more willing to test Nintendo side for things than Sony. As such KH sold 3DSs but may not sell PS4s.

Phantasy Star = Not a system seller anymore, but no really true of Phantasy Star Online, specifically the game Sega hasn't said anything on. That one would be a system seller, but not just any Phantasy Star. Although I'm sure if Sega announced Phantasy Star V there would be a spike like a new Skies of Arcadia(assuming the end product wasn't a dud)

Persona = Actually it probably is a system seller, and a new game is always better than a port. P4G sold Vitas Not enough to matter, but it was a port. Some Shin Megami Tensei fans have already looked at WiiU due to SMTxFE, but the other base is waiting system announcements.

Xenoblade = Not a system seller in anyway. Xenosaga wasn't a system seller and Xenoblade was a new game. Average people didn't know the game. It wasn't advertised normally, and restricted it' sales.

Admittedly theres not much point to claiming Phantasy Star or Persona as system seller on a big picture. PS hasn't been a system sell out side Dreamcast/Gamecube & Shin Megami Tensei games are only a system seller to handhelds at this point(due impart to other wise late system games).

User Info: kobalobasileus

4 years ago#108
Monkmaster79 posted...
Because it's an RPG? Has there ever been an RPG that was a system seller?

Final Fantasy 7. And you should be ashamed of your ignorance.

I don't think X will be a system seller because we know next to nothing about it. Once we get some more details, it will be possible to decide whether X will be a system seller or a bungle.

User Info: bobthebobber123

4 years ago#109
I just got the wind waker bundle because i know that a hd zelda and X is coming.
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