Should Nintendo stick to handhelds only?

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User Info: Jackal

3 years ago#21
Yes. Go 3rd party again and then they can spread their games over the consoles that have much larger user bases. They rule the handheld arena and should focus on that hardware and support console with software only.

Bring back my Colecovison days, Nintendo! :)
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User Info: NintendoGamer83

3 years ago#22
demesjos2 posted...
Aether_Light posted...
No. Going handheld only means cutting 30%-40% of their profits and would be a stupid business decision on their part.

Selling their games third party could generate greater profits. They are taking a loss on the Wii-U's and it's install base is very small. That is limiting how much software it's selling. If Smash Brothers was released on 360/Ps3 or on ps4/x1 would it not give cod a run for it's money?

In that case, Sony shouldn't release PS4 and should go 3rd party because itll have a small install base and be taking a loss...
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User Info: GusMunger

3 years ago#23
Should this thread stop being created daily?
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