are there any gay characters in nintendo games

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User Info: Wolfieroo

3 years ago#331
I always considered Yoshi to be gay... with all the rainbow concept surrounding him and all.

User Info: gfaqster

3 years ago#332
Well I assume Zelda/Sheik is transgender and that Samus is probably lesbian.
Also Captain Falcon might be gay.
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User Info: NobanO

3 years ago#333
Kingmichael1337 posted...
Drumguy posted...
Kingmichael1337 posted...
i can't wait for the mods to come in here and smite all the homophobes and transphobes i've reported

It should be pointed out that you can be modded for false reporting too.

i've never been modded for that, and everything i've reported itt has, in fact, been homophobic or transphobic

You are wrong.

"If a marked message is not a TOU violation or the marking feature was used abusively, the moderators can also choose to ignore or de-prioritize any further marked messages from that user, or even suspend them if the need arises."
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User Info: aiyobro

3 years ago#334
Half of Nintendogs is probably gay.

User Info: aiyobro

3 years ago#335
aiyobro posted...
Half of Nintendogs is probably gay.


Unless they're always puppies lol

User Info: T3H_1337_N1NJ4

3 years ago#336
MegaWentEvil posted...
And by the way, I do wish Tails from the Sonic series was confirmed by SEGA as gay.

But two things:

1. Tails will still see Sonic as an older brother figure and nothing more.
2. He'll still be treated like any other character.

And that would help seeing who's a REAL Tails fan.

Yeah. Whoever disagreed with that stupid idea.
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User Info: ToddFord

3 years ago#337
What I have always found interesting in this topic is the double standard of it. I agree that we have no right to interfere with any group of peoples intrinsic rights but we also do not have a right to interfere with someones moral beliefs. A company has a right to not create something they are morally opposed to (although I don't think that is the case with Nintendo) because it is THEIR right to create what they wish. It is not preventing the group in question from exercising their rights. Now I'm sure the TC will call me every name in the book but I would ask this question. If you don't want someone's moral code forced on you why is the solution forcing them to accept your moral code?

User Info: garrman

3 years ago#338
You being gay and saying that you want gay characters and that they shouldn't drive heterosexuality down our throats is being so hypocritical, being gay is frowned upon in many countries and could very easily lead to Nintendo being boycotted in certain places and we all know they're just trying to make money not offend any certain group of ppl whether it be gay, straight, black,white or pink for that matter it really doesn't matter when it comes to selling games you sell what is the most popular, hope you enjoyed my objective opinion and can understand why poor pitiful you isn't actually being picked on for being a minority
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