I'm Loving the Gamepad

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User Info: thepixelgarden

3 years ago#11
jackorhoads posted...
thepixelgarden posted...
Thank you for posting this. One of the reasons I've been hesitant to buy a Wii U is because the controller looks so cumbersome and awkward. It looks like it would get annoying to hold after awhile. So I find it encouraging to read about your experience with it.

The funny thing is thats exactly how I felt....till I used one. It doesn't look comfortable but it is. Sorcery!
Best bet though is to hold one yourself.

Cool, I'll have to find one. Maybe there's a kiosk somewhere.

User Info: DarkMark942

3 years ago#12
>3333 Gamepad
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User Info: cminc

3 years ago#13
Need for speed and splintercell use it pretty well. As do lego city and rayman. Theres the minigame stuff like nintendoland and game and wario, too. But those were kind of lacking in longterm appeal to me.

Honestly, and kind of akwardly, it's nintendo itself thats not really doing that much with the gamepad. Ubisoft has this thing locked down. In fact, even tho i didnt care for it (im a sissy), zombiu is also fantastic where gamepad integration is concerned and is a very good buy if you like the crap scared out of you one step at a time.

User Info: LaManoNeraII

3 years ago#14
It's incredibly comfortable when it has no business being so. I really only would buy a Pro controller for multiplayer.
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User Info: TalentedM

3 years ago#15
W101 does a good job with it. Need for Speed was good as well (and cheap now!). Lego City uses it for more of a map but it wasn't bad, it was kinda cool to have the other characters calling you on it and Pikmin 3 uses it as well, though it is a bit more useful to use Wiimote+Chuck.

Nintendo Land is all about the gamepad.

Off TV play is supported by almost every game and is a huge selling point and has come in more handy than I can think. I have used it while messing around, walking around the house, when my roomate is using my TV, etc. It is just awesome.
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User Info: stop3

3 years ago#16
I hear Zombie U makes excellent use of the gamepad, but I haven't tried it yet. Plan to get it for halloween!

User Info: GodofLaziness

3 years ago#17
Gamepad is one of the best controller I've ever held in my life. Love it. Love browsing the web with it and I love what it could add to gaming.

Batman Arkham City also use the Gamepad pretty well. I'm currently playing it.
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User Info: felipin24

3 years ago#18
I was really impressed with how wii street u used the gamepad. The wii u rocks.
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User Info: I2aScAII

3 years ago#19
I should have posted more details.

I love having dual screens. The gameplay in Wind Waker is completely seamless as I never have to pause the game. I can do everything on the Gamepad.

Somehow, I feel even more immersed when playing. I actually look forward to turning on my Wii U just to hold a system in my hand that also controls what's on TV.

I wish I could describe better what the experience is, but all I can say is... try it yourself! :)
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