Sony's Yoshida proudly says he owns two Wii Us, what would Reggie say...

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User Info: PhaseBlack

4 years ago#1
If he was asked if he was looking to buy a PS4? Let's imagine.

"I don't see the hype, it's just the fourth PlayStation and I haven't see that many changes in their consoles over the course of the years they have been in the gaming industry. Where are the Miis? Where's the screen on the controller? Most importantly, where is Mario and Zelda? The Wii U is a console you can wake up grandma to play and my grandma is still alive and she hasn't said anything about the PS4. If you put them together on two TVs and you squint, you will see there is no difference between the PS4 and Wii U's power but I suggest wearing really dark sunglasses to get the affect. Most people I know say Wii U looks dramatically better. The PS4 hasn't even showed up to the graphical showdowns at my house, who cares if it's not out, it must be hiding from the Wii U"
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User Info: AceMos

4 years ago#2
its a culture thing
3 things 1. i am female 2. i havea msucle probelm its hard for me to typ well 3.*does her janpuu dance*

User Info: kdognumba1

4 years ago#3
Reggie: "My gamerscore is over 50,000"
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User Info: Shadowbird_RH

4 years ago#4
*puts out bowl of troll food*

Well, that's my charitable deed for the month.
Surrender and I will destroy you peacefully.
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User Info: DarkAdonis123

4 years ago#5
If memory serves me correctly, Reggie said before that he was a fan of the Gears of War series. So I would think he at least owns a 360.
If Platinum was HAND drawn, she'd be on paper, fool. This is a video game. They just made her on screen, no "drawing" involved -Delano7 on BlazBlue

User Info: PhaseBlack

4 years ago#6
AceMos posted...
its a culture thing

Nah it's not
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User Info: Transdude

4 years ago#7
kdognumba1 posted...
Reggie: "My gamerscore is over 90,000"

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User Info: scoobydoobydont

4 years ago#8
Ken Lobb and Major Nelson (and I expect many others I don't know of) have talked about owning and enjoying other platforms from competitors too. I'm pretty sure anyone who works in games and actually plays games for fun would, Nintendo employees too.
"I don't hate people, I just feel better when they're not around." - Charles Bukowski

User Info: Miyamoto_Shiggy

4 years ago#9
Transdude posted...
kdognumba1 posted...
Reggie: "My gamerscore is over 90,000"
*Crushes WiiU Gamepad in one hand*


Iwata: "What?! 90, 000?! That can't be right, it has to be some sort of malfunction!"

Miyamoto: "I think it's right!"

Blue Ocean DBZ, you never fail to provide the lulz.
"Wait a minute. You expect us poor innocent children to climb up dangerous scaffolding and paint naked people all over a church? We'll do it!" - Yakko

User Info: Spookyryu

4 years ago#10
We don't like to copy the competence, so I will not buy it
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