Seagate Expansion 2TB USB 3.0 Black Desktop Hard Drive STBV2000100

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User Info: 90sRetroGaming

3 years ago#11
Thanks for all the comments guys!. I ordered one for $69.99 and am looking forward to it's arrival. As a first time Wii U owner, and with my download codes for the Wind Waker HD, Hyrule Historia and all availible free demos and apps on the eShop i figured i'd need something like this and soon! lol. Much appreciated! :D.
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User Info: darkjedilink

3 years ago#12
DiscostewSM posted...
I assume a drive like this will always be running, or am I wrong and that it'll power down when the system powers down? If the latter happened, and it only powered up when the system was on or doing standby features like downloading, then I'd be happy.

My Western Digital MyBook powers down automatically when the system is shut off.
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User Info: Solis

3 years ago#13
darkjedilink posted...
Also, "non-dedicated power supply" drives still use the same amount of power (and thus, the same hit to your electric bill). They just plug into two USB ports on the Wii U instead of the outlet.

False, USB powered drives are limited by the USB's maximum power rating (500 mA for a USB 2.0 port, or 1 amp between 2 of them), while wall outlet powered drives can use far more power than that. USB powered drives are almost always 2.5" models specifically because they have a much lower power draw, a 3.5" HDD like this one will have much higher power usage.

Think about it: if the HDD didn't use more power than the USB port provided, why would it require a separate AC adapter to begin with? Lrn2technology.
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