Wii U sales are looking good in NA

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User Info: robomagon

4 years ago#41
LightHawKnight posted...
lol vgchartz. The worst site to get recent information ever. The only time they are right is years later, after they have time to steal all their info from other sites.

If you know of a better alternative please post a link.....

User Info: googler

4 years ago#42
king_madden posted...
googler posted...
Nerreltron9000 posted...
googler posted...
U on the other hand been has been consistent week after week between and this is their "peak" and as good as it gets right now

Because a port of a 10 year old game is the biggest system seller the Wii U will ever have? 3D World, Mariokart and Smash have been cancelled? This is a lot of stupid to take in in one sitting.

learn critical reading skills...tc makes a topic about how Wii U sales are "good" right now - they aren't. They are this high a.k.a - at a peak NOW, because of Zelda. You're rushing to the rescue and then crashing harder than those fat idiot cops in D.C., who lied and said the woman caused it

the woman caused it? assuming you disagree

the woman was long gone when those idiots came speeding towards nothing and caused a single-car wreck. Its good watching

User Info: bigjclassic

4 years ago#43
robomagon posted...
The_Rami posted...
VanderZoo posted...
Cowboy082288 posted...
29K units in a week is not good. That comes to about 1.5 mill in a year. The Wii U is about 1 year into it's life cycle and your comparing it's sales to 7 and 8 year old consoles and the 360 still doubled the Wii U sales. If you look at global sales they are not even on pace to have a 15 mill unit install base after 5 YEARS!

Wii U 1 year headstart on the X1 and PS4 seems to have gone to waste. They seriously need to pick the pace up. I'm talking selling an average of 200K units a week globally over a full year. Maybe their first party titles can pull that off but I don't know. Right now the Wii U looks dead in the water.

I think we're all just waiting to see how much of a boost it gets from Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

The issue no one talks about though is, you need a constant stream of games to sustain a console over its life cycle. We only get one Mario Kart and smash bros per console. What's going to sustain the Wii U after that? I don't think Zelda can do it, Skyward Sword sold only 4 million on Wii, apparently Zelda doesn't have the selling power it use to.

This is why you need 3rd party support.

Nintendo should seriously work on marketing this console. I mean jeez change the name to Wii 2 or SOMETHING lol

They could also start showing up at regular gaming conventions instead of this direct thing people keep mentioning on this forum.

You have to compare 1st year 360/PS3 stats to current Wii U stats for any credibility. I highly doubt both were doing 200+k a week globally. Remember PS3 had a huge price cut/revision in it's first year. 29k a week is a positive sign given all of the negative factors the console has going for it. This is still the beginning of the software surge on the Wii U and i am more interested in Year End Numbers.

They need to market this thing badly, there is a market for the console. They just need to get the word out.
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User Info: avigeant83

4 years ago#44
29k a week for NA isn't good but it's better than what they were producing before the price cut. They were hovering around 10k a week. With the price cut hitting Europe and Japan later this month I can see potential sales of 50-60k a week. Also, most people fail to realize that the holidays are the biggest push for sales for Nintendo consoles. So even if you do the 52 x 50k = 2.6million a year, you forget that it will sell a million or two extra just during Christmas alone. Once Mario Kart and Smash Bros comes out next year, expect MUCH bigger numbers.
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