Wii U will be the greatest console OF ALL TIME

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User Info: Vidgmchtr

4 years ago#11
BlindFanboy posted...
Vidgmchtr posted...
BlindFanboy posted...
Vidgmchtr posted...
I've lost count over how many times I've seen this thread.

Can we just stop going insane over how popular it is and just enjoy the games that we have for it already, and be excited for the ones coming out over the next year?

Fail troll, go play your greyscale brown shooters and leave us real gamers alone.

Because I'm not in agreement with you about liking the Wii U, right? Even though I have one and love it like I do my other Nintendo consoles?

Get off my internet.

No you're a troll because you admit to liking FPS's, now go on and play Call of Halo kiddo.

You're funny. :)

Thinking you're older than me. Cute.

User Info: Tauro_Fc

4 years ago#12
Not quite, but it looks like It's heading that way. We already have great exclusives and lot of the multiplatforms from current and next gens, also the good games to shovelware ratio looks very good.

User Info: NovaLevossida

4 years ago#13
Thought it was Kanye posting on here from the topic title, but I was mistaken.
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