Wind Waker is the easiest Zelda game.

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User Info: TeraPatrick2008

4 years ago#21
No, Phantom Hourglass is easier.

User Info: peinxkonan

4 years ago#22
SegavsCapcom posted...
Skyward Sword.

Your argument is invalid.

What? Skyward Sword was the second hardest 3-D Zelda for me, and I had no problems with the controls (I was the only one of my friends who beat Ghirahim on my first attempt, and I completed the underwater musical quest within 12 minutes ) .

If anything, Twilight Princess is easier than SS. I though King Bulbin on the bridge was the hardest boss in thr game, only because I didn't know what to do at first.

That being said, I really feel that WW is easier than both of them (I love it though) .
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User Info: secondplanet

4 years ago#23
I feel the SS is too hard for me cause i can't seem to get the controls down, i have to recalibrate my controller every 2mins during a fight (side note, anyhelp with this please, would love to play for the story) But i found WW very enjoyable like OoT and TP. I wish they would make more games like this where its not stupid hard but enjoyably perfect.

User Info: darkjedilink

4 years ago#24
CubeTV posted...
It actually felt harder and more challenging than I remember. I died about 5 times against that boss in Tower of The Gods, frequently getting killed by moblins (the ones with the big spears) and death from the occasional chu-chu. Puzzles were still simple though.

That boss was INSANELY easy, mostly because every time you run out of arrow ammo, it poops out more arrow ammo.
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User Info: gnomelord255

4 years ago#25
Are you playing it on HEROIC MODE?

User Info: Dref151

4 years ago#26
gnomelord255 posted...
Are you playing it on HEROIC MODE?

Heroic mode really doesnt alter the difficulty that much. it doesn't change any of the puzzles, like in silent hill, and the enemy patterns stay the same. Hero mode is more like hardened or veteran from call of duty in that it changes the damage factors that change how tedious the game is, not the difficulty.


4 years ago#27
zado19 posted...
Lord_Frood posted...
Speaking of dungeon difficulties from TP, did anyone else have issues with City in the Sky, or am I just stupid??

naw man...... i stopped in the middle of that one on my first play through and almost had to start my file over lol

I had to discover a sequence break in order to get through :U

Played through 3 times, and I still haven't figured out the correct way to beat it.
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