TWW HD is a business mistake, TP HD would've shifted way more Wii U hardware.

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User Info: seminolesoccer

4 years ago#61
darkjedilink posted...
Bladescorpion posted...
R_Hunter posted...
...What's with the sudden love for TP?

Well I disagree. Not only is TP already playable on the U, but WW is a better way to show off HD, what with it's unique artstyle.

WW isn't a "better way to show off HD." Again, look at WW and TP via Dolphin in HD. TP looks far better, hands down.

Probably playing on a <22 inch lcd computer monitor. Blow that up on my 50 inch Pioneer Kuro and all the crap textures of TP would become readily apparent again: 1080p can't save that game
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User Info: DroneHunter

4 years ago#62
Jet_Set_Radi_Go posted...
Anything with nicer graphics really. WW is just too cartoony to even bother making it realistic, they knew that.

lol if they made TP hd you'd say there should be a WW hd
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User Info: MetroidJunkie

4 years ago#63
It's not that it's cartoony, it's that they didn't do enough to improve the graphics. Mostly all they did was add a lighting system and throw the textures into a filter. While we can't expect realistic detailing in a game that's supposed to look simple and cartoony, that doesn't mean the same blocky environments/characters are going to fly, especially when graphics (Being in HD) are the main selling point of the game and it's being sold for a staggering $50. This could easily be overlooked if the gameplay was significantly altered but it wasn't, they made a few small changes here or there but it's little more than a 'deluxe version' of the old Gamecube title and, as others have pointed out, most of the flaws from Wind Waker are still very much unaddressed. Just my opinions, of course.

User Info: DeathSnipe777

4 years ago#64
You can still play Twilight Princess on the WiiU.

Windwaker was older and had the disadvantage of being on the low-selling Gamecube.
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User Info: Ryan Si

Ryan Si
4 years ago#65
Actually, I loved Ocarina of Time back in the day, never owned a Gamecube, and am excited to play Wind Waker in HD whenever I finally buy a Wii U.

I admit at the time the Celda-change was devastating news, but the PS1 was my primary console..I was never going to buy a Gamecube anyway. I was too young (15 in 2001 when I bought my PS2) to really afford more than one console and there was no way I was missing out on games like MGS2, GTAIII, THPS3, FFX, DMC, etc..

Wind Waker HD fits better anyway. The people who have to have realistic-style graphics aren't interested in Wii U or Nintendo to start with. Second, TP is already available on Gamecube and Wii and playable on Wii U.

I agree that a realistic-styled Zelda would sell more consoles, but something like a new game that looks like the Wii U Zelda tech demo...not an SD uprez of a game anyone interested in Zelda already has.
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User Info: Savra104

4 years ago#66
I'd love a Twilight Princess HD with Gamepad and Wii Remote option. Especially if you could switch on-the-fly (probably have to choose at the start, though... :( ).

But I don't believe that WWHD is a mistake. It's currently got a pretty dedicated sect of Zelda's fanbase, especially now that we're a few games away from it now. So now people are more vocal about the things they like and they have some ideas of how to go back and make it better. This can lead to even more sales with a relatively low input. So it's not a bad idea at all.

User Info: 1Truth

4 years ago#67
darkjedilink posted...
diggyfresh posted...

I disagree because TP was appreciated. WW was overlooked. It's better to remaster a game that was overlooked because many people will have the second chance to play it for the first time.

You may not like WW, but you are only one person. And a bad business decision is not based on what makes one person unhappy. A bad business decision is something that loses money.

A bad business decision is also one that makes less money than another option that'd be just as easy.

TP would have made them far more money, seeing as how it's a much more popular game.

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User Info: KirbyFreak101

4 years ago#68
Let's see, TP has been released on two difference consoles and is still playable on the Wii U.

WW was released one time, is out of print, and no longer playable on Wii U. (until now)

I think Nintendo made the right choice here.

User Info: HermeticJustice

4 years ago#69
darkjedilink posted...
HermeticJustice posted...
ITT: I don't like TP and I prefer WWHD, hence Nintendo made a good business decision.


I was making a joke that the only reason TC thinks this is a business mistake is because he likes TP more than WW
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User Info: The_Djoker

4 years ago#70
1Truth posted...
TP is a much better game than TWW.

No it's not. Hence why they remade WW and not TP. You mad?
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