So Assassins Creed 4 DLC skipping wii u

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User Info: novelaa

3 years ago#11
lol assassins creed dlc

User Info: SyCo_VeNoM

3 years ago#12
Having DLC announced before the game is even available is a terrible way to sell a game, and shows it was just stuff they stripped out to siphon more money from people.

Well Ubi did help me make a decision as now I won't be buying the game as I refuse to support that practice. Maybe I'll get it when it hits $13 like I did with AC3 then I could get the DLC, and have a complete game for near the cost of the unfinished game day one.

User Info: Darth_Elusive

3 years ago#13
MushroomMuncher posted...
Didn't Ass Creed 3 get DLC for Wii U? Then why not this one?

It's because:

Nintendo has strong relationships with third parties and has a strong lineup of upcoming games from key partners such as Ubisoft, Disney, SEGA and Warner Bros., among others. Nintendo realizes that it needs to continue to build the installed base to demonstrate that making games for Wii U is a good investment. Nintendo is confident that it has the games necessary—both first- and third-party—to have a strong holiday season and expand the audience for Wii U.
Nintendo wants Wii U to be the console that every developer wants to publish on. A key way to make that happen is to grow the installed base of Wii U owners, and Nintendo know that current Wii U owners are very happy with their purchases.
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