It's been nearly a year now, whats your opinion on the gamepad (early adopters)?

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  3. It's been nearly a year now, whats your opinion on the gamepad (early adopters)?

User Info: swisskdl

4 years ago#81
I think it's great and I don't even use it for off-tv play. Maps, and inventory are really nice on it imo. However, I think I still would have preferred just wiimote +'s to be the main controller with the optional pro controller and have the package be $100 cheaper. I think at that lower price point and a familiar controller, the console would have sold quite a bit better.

User Info: Groudon199

4 years ago#82
I don't have any issues holding it. I hadn't noticed before, but I always hold my controllers in the same spot.

User Info: enigma2274

4 years ago#83
The gamepad is my favorite thing about the WiiU, and I don't even use off tv play.
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User Info: X2SB

4 years ago#84
Love it
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User Info: Yagami_Sama

4 years ago#85
I really hope Nintendo use the Game Pad as a standard for the next consoles. Nothing against Wii remote, but :

Game Pad >>>>>> Wii Remote
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User Info: rafiiilla

4 years ago#86
It's a great controller.

- Great for Off-TV play
- Great for navigation (browser, miiverse, eshop, etc)
- Great for asymmetrical gameplay
- Adds a new level of gaming experience (Nintendoland)
- Ideal Size and weight (IMO)

- The placement of the triggers vs shoulders feel awkward (to me), like you can't use them both in the same moment comfortably.
- I would love for a matte finish instead of that glossy (dirt magnet)
- Battery does drain fast (not something that has bugged me as I don't tend to play several hours straight)
NNID: rafiiilla

User Info: citrean

4 years ago#87
I love the gamepad and almost everything about it,

the only part I don't like about it is my low tolerance for dust lint and fingerprints
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User Info: csalvi42

4 years ago#88
I like the gamepad, but wish they wouldve released it initially with the larger battery. The battery is the only flaw I see in it, otherwise I'm loving simple but effective uses like in WW:HD or W101 or pikmin
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User Info: XenoFFvs

4 years ago#89
Terotrous posted...
XenoFFvs posted...
For some reason, I wish Nintendo still kept their huge A button. I don't like how the 'A' is select because it is weird switching between my other consoles and the Wii U with that selection button in a weird spot. I'd even be satisfied if the A and B swapped places. And in case anyone's curious, I had/have the same problem with DS, 3DS and even the classic controller.

A / Circle to Confirm, B / X to cancel is the Japanese standard control scheme. Blame Sony for inexplicably deciding to reverse it for PS1. Japanese Playstation games actually always use Circle for confirm, they're just required to switch it when they localize. can kind of blame sony but.....

I know of how the circle button being confirm in japan(thanks to FF7 and FFT)'but games in the US have been doing this for almost 20 years now on the highest selling consoles of all time(and PS3). And nintendo changed it up too in the same gen as Sony. The A button on the N64 controller is pretty much equivalent to where the X button is on a playstation controller. Then the gamecube controller more or less has it in a similar spot as well. Wii Mote was similar to the gamecube controller in that the A button is the largest button on the face of the controller. Oh, and the fact that SSBB and MKWii(pretty much the 2 games I have racked up the most hours on Wii) kept me liking the large A button. Couple that with MS using a similar placement for its A button and over in the US, PAL and AUS regions you vave a Standard for most of the biggest consoles for 3 gaming gens straight.

Regardless, it was a small complaint anyway. I can deal with it but would just prefer it to be different. At the end of my previous post I list criteria that if improved would increase how much I like the gamecube and the button placement isn't really one of them. It's just a hind sight sort of thing more than anything.
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  3. It's been nearly a year now, whats your opinion on the gamepad (early adopters)?

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