Why would anyone buy an Xbox One or PS4 over Wii U?

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User Info: enigma2274

3 years ago#51
It's going to be funny to see the fanboys after PS4 outsells WU by march.
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User Info: Asuir

3 years ago#52
I'll be buying the PS4 about a year after it launches or when MGS5 releases. Whichever occurs first.

User Info: DiscostewSM

3 years ago#53
enigma2274 posted...
It's going to be funny to see the fanboys after PS4 outsells WU by march.

The magic 8-ball says "Try again later".
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User Info: Trixone

3 years ago#54
STN79 posted...
Exactly how many exclusive PS4 launch games are people raving about? Looks like a bunch of shoot em ups and the usual Sony bro dude garbage to me. The Wii U will have already been out for a whole year by the time PS4 is availabe. Why buy a system that costs 100 or even 200 dollars more with so fewer games? Plus there's the whole lack of backward compatability so right there you'll have even less to play right outta the gate. Good luck finding anything to keep your system from collecting dust and just being an overly expensive paperweight.

The salt is strong in this one. You sound like an idiot fanboy.
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User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
3 years ago#55
ShindoSlash posted...
So why choose those over the Wii U that by then will be cheaper and actually have games?

I don't know TC, human beings are not always rational.

User Info: evosthunder

3 years ago#56
Topics like this almost make me ashamed to call myself a Nintendo fan.
-I post on other sites, too. Don't think that's how I spend all of my time.
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User Info: CasualGamers

3 years ago#57
People want to feel manly. Lol, sad really.

User Info: lgi

3 years ago#58
manmouse posted...
ShindoSlash posted...
None of those games will be out when the PS4 comes out.

the WiiU didn't have any of its great games when it launched either, so by your logic, why should people have bought it?

Thread should've ended right here.

User Info: sonicnewboy

3 years ago#59
Because some people just don't want a Wii U. Period.

User Info: art_of_the_kill

3 years ago#60
cminc posted...
Because wiiU has been out for a year already and has absolutely nothing to show for it but 4 million sales, 10 million complaints and a handful of games, most of which, no one asked for. I bought this thing on day one, expecting nintendo knew what they were doing and releasing and i found out that theyd not even figured out hd development yet. Theyd not even started.

One year later, outside of 2d mario, legocity, pikmin3 and ports, this system has nothing going on for it except the four or five games that are supposed to come out soon that no one knows anything about. 3d world should be good, as i'm sure all the mario stuff will be, but, honestly, if thats all this console has to offer, it's not offering much.

WiiU was sold as a console for the cores and casusls alike. And i dont see anything like that at all. Not after this year and not even after dk, kart and smash come out. To me, Wiiu is a console for people that can happily force themselves to enjoy anything that has a nintendo label or anything close to it.

Nintendoland, game and wario, wiifitu and wii party are whetever they are to whoever may like them, but they arent anything to me. I bought a wiiu for quality games. One year later, i have a 2d mario i already had 3 of, a pikmin that was obviously designed for wii and lego city, which, while fantastic, is not the only thing i had in mind when buying this stupid thing.

W101 was at least something, but wasnt for me and now i get to hope that more stuff comes out next year. After mario and, hopefully, sonic come out and end up cool. I dont want to have to hope no-info games called 'x' and yarn yoshi are worth the wait, i bought a wiiu to play games now.

Ps4 will not have these problems. Ps4, before its release, has had more games announced for it than the wiiu has had since launch. Think about how ridiculous that is as an unbiased consumer. People that buy a ps4 over wiiu are doing so because they want to have a choice between real games regularly. Not a couple times a year after numerous delays and 'please understand' crap.

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