KH3 gameplay. Still think this could be done on WiiU?

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User Info: FenderMaster

3 years ago#1
In terms of polygon counts, level geometry, AI etc, it actually looks like it could. That ship/train with hundreds of individual light sources does look a bit special though.

Maybe we'll see something that WiiU couldn't do, like epic battles with hundreds or thousands of enemies on screen at once (no, not like the trickery of the 1000 heartless battle). But based on this gameplay video, I see nothing that looks beyond the WiiU's capabilties with a downgrade here or there.

User Info: The_Rami

3 years ago#2
Graphically the game doesn't look next gen, and my guess is that this is because it's really early in development.
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User Info: Tadamoto3

3 years ago#3
I completely agree. There is absolutely no reason why this shouldn't come to Wii U. Sign this petition. It may help.

User Info: Jackal

3 years ago#4
If built from the ground up on the Wii U then I'd say, yes. The game could be run on the system. But that's going to be the thing with the Wii U. It's the odd many out this new generation not only because of the gamepad but because the P4 and XBO have a similar architecture and the Wii U doesn't share that. So that means more work for devs in most cases to port and/or make a Wii U version. They now are forced to find a way to use the GP with something other than menus and maps. To add they touchscreen capability that wasn't needed on the other versions.

But built from the ground up or with some serious optimization, the game could run on the Wii U.
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User Info: XenoFFvs

3 years ago#5
Did we watch the same video? There's no way that game, the way it looks now, could be done on the Wii U.

Could a dumbed down version of KH3 be done on the Wii U? Ofcourse. But man ppl are overestimating the system. Don't let KH3's cartoony style fool you, those character models(especially Sora) look almost as good as cgi cutscene characters of this gen.

Ugh, people here seriously overestimate the Wii U and/or underestimate the power of the PS4 and XB1. They're not the same leap that the PS3 and 360 were over the Wii but they're still a decent hop above it.
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User Info: Jackal

3 years ago#6
I'll look at that video when I get to work because this Starbucks wifi will chug it along and it's annoying.

It's not the polygon count that make Sora look "almost" CG, it only allows him not to look clunky and angular. What makes him not look like plastic and such in the environment. Textures and mostly lighting. It an be achieved with various techniques including a simple and archaic "light dome" like I use to do back in school on my 333mHz PC in 3DS Max. I used it to get rid of the shiny looking stuff and make things look closer to a version oc occlusion. The came HDRI and stuff. Take a look at FF: Advent Children to see how lighting and make things look more natural when combined with good textures and such.

The PS4 and XBO are on their second generation of HD consoles and they have learned that by making consoles with more efficient hardware that can handle greater and more effects, without burning out, that better looking graphics is the natural progression. Things that use to be CG can now have that look in real time. The Wii U IS a capably system but it's not built the same. But with some work games an look great within it's limits.

Please stop having a fit about it's capabilities. We don't mind you voicing your opinions, it's no like we can actually stop you anyway, but people will be more inclined to listen to your opinions and have a discussion with you if you aren't ranting.
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User Info: Jobocan

3 years ago#7
I see nothing there that couldn't be done on the PS3, let alone the Wii U.

That said, it's still in development so the final product will definitely look better once it's actually out and not a youtube video, and I'm probably gonna pick it up on my PS4 whenever it ends up coming out. - My Collection

User Info: DTY3

3 years ago#8
Lol. It still looks like a PS3 game. Which is fine and all,

People are just shocked because it's the first HD KH game built from the ground up for an HD system. Kinda like when Pikmin 3 came out.
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User Info: Neo_Heartless

3 years ago#9
From what I've heard about the PS4 and Xbone, its not so much more efficient as it is brute force. The WiiU is a better example of efficiency and had they not cheaped out on it it would probably be able to keep up with the other two with lesser specs. As it is now though, well as you say Jackal, the WiiU can pull off some stunning graphics with enough effort, but its effort many developers just don't want to do. With more sales maybe.
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User Info: jairusmonillas

3 years ago#10
Can't you read what was written on top right of the screen, it said "work in progress gameplay"

it's not even 5% done yet. it's probably going to be released in 3-4 years by the time its released its going to look 30x better than that.
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