I was about to get a Wii U today and pre-order Sonic Lost World, and then...

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User Info: BaconPancakes

4 years ago#101
People never know how to have their own opinions anymore. Everybody just wants to think the same and be the same as everybody.
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User Info: Dartpaw86

4 years ago#102
Don't let everyone make decisions for you. People have different opinions on things. Besides it's not like Sonic Lost World is the ONLY game worth getting for Wii U.

User Info: Demolatorz

4 years ago#103
I actually rather enjoyed a bunch of the sonic games that got hate. Heroes was pretty good in my opinion for the most part, and Shadow the Hedgehog might be one of my favorites. I still feel like I can blaze through stages like a speed machine and now I can shoot things to get them out of the way quicker. =D I thought Generations was a bit overrated but that's only because I don't like playing 2D sonic very much, anyone who likes classic sonic games would probably love it. I'd love to see some more Adventure games with the amount of effort of the first two. I think Lost World will be at least pretty good though, it does seem a bit slow-moving at points from what I saw in the trailers but the mechanics look awesome.

User Info: Dash_Dash88

4 years ago#104
Haha this is hilarious ! You sad people cannot take the fact that one of your exclusives may not be all that great so you go on the attack,also you're all normally saying "reviews aint important" but now you're defending this game with famitsu review scores.... Nintendo fans are truly pathetic.
If you think this has a happy ending, then you haven't been paying attention.
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User Info: overkillwfo1978

4 years ago#105
GEKGanon posted...
AhnoldDood posted...
GEKGanon posted...
I'm sure Sonic Lost World is probably terrible. There hasn't been a good Sonic game since Sonic and Knuckles on the Genesis. After that, every game only has you controlling the character for about a third of any level. The rest is like watching the game autoplay itself, with the character bouncing from springboard to springboard, running through loops, and getting propelled by other little gadgets.

WOW, the trolling here is beyong pathetic.

I'm not trolling. There hasn't been a single well-received Sonic game in YEARS.



"If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten" -George Carlin

User Info: Tenchi UK

Tenchi UK
4 years ago#106
Motobug321 posted...
stevieb1234567 posted...
Its a sonic game. Believe that its no good. Sonic games haven't been good in years so y would anyone think this game would be any different.

Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations were both exceptional games. Also, almost all the prievews I've seen of Lost World have been very positive. I really don't know what you're talking about.

IGN pretty much praised the game constantly in previews and then gave it a 5.8
Im still looking forward to the game but i wouldnt gauge the games critical reception on Previews.
Pear into Peaches!

User Info: xHOJUx

4 years ago#107
Now that the reviews are out, it looks like your friend did you a solid by talking you out of this game.

User Info: syctheweilder

4 years ago#108
syctheweilder posted...
I remember IGN trying to spin Sonic being slower as being a good thing before the game actually came out.

It was a good laugh, but now i'm wondering if they'll be able to follow that piece up with their customary overly biased Sonic review, or if they'll say the game is perfect in order to save face?

HAHAHA and now they're complaining that he's too slow. priceless.
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