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User Info: Joshie127

4 years ago#1
Hello all,

I had a question about the Wii U and some potential WiiWare games. Is there anything game out there that resembles the board game Risk available to download or buy?

Thank you,

User Info: Joshie127

4 years ago#2
Bump #1

User Info: Terotrous

4 years ago#3
The SNES / Genesis game Aerobiz plays a lot like Risk, but unfortunately it's not on the virtual console yet.

There are some other strategy boardgames on Wii, like Dokapon Kingdom and Fortune Street, but those have very little in common with Risk.
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User Info: CranberryPSO

4 years ago#4
I did some Google searches and a search here on GameFAQ and I could not find any Risk game on the Wii.

The only Nintendo system Risk game I was able to come up with is this one on the GameBoy Advance:


There is a cancelled Risk game that could have come to GameCube, but it didn't so that's hardly worth mentioning is it?

I doubt that GBA game is on the virtual console, so if you don't have a GameBoy Advance, Nintendo probably isn't going to help with your Risk desire.

There is a game called RISK: Factions on PS3, 360, and PC. If any of those platforms are available to you, you might try looking there. The Wii seems to have missed out on Risk unless its part of a board game collection and thus not easily recognizable by the title. The Wii has a few board game collections and perhaps it's bundled in one of them.
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User Info: gabelogan183

4 years ago#5
I was literally playing Risk Factions yesterday and thought the gamepad would be ideal for it. Hope to see it on the Wii U down the line.
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User Info: Gunzleader

4 years ago#6
dunno about anyone else but i want chessmaster any nintendo version. not wiiware chess game.
i mean actual chessmaster..
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