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User Info: Outsider1220

4 years ago#1
All over this website I see people as questions where you can click on your choice and see their polling results. On a board it looks like bar graph at the front. I want to make those but I have no idea how to do it.

Please help

User Info: DBPanterA

4 years ago#2
Click new topic.


To create a new topic, enter a title for the topic below and create the first message. You can also add a poll to this topic.

Click blue add a poll box.

It better be a good poll, and not one seen before....
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User Info: segagamer

4 years ago#3
Click make message button.

Then find the blue "Add a poll" Link in the helpful info on the page.

Just don't make it about sonic lost world, the board is flooded with those topics.
Wii U+Xbox One :)

User Info: badboy

4 years ago#4
I think it's for user level 30+.

User Info: Outsider1220

4 years ago#5
OK thanks
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