In your opinion, is the Wii U underpowered by todays standards?

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  3. In your opinion, is the Wii U underpowered by todays standards?

User Info: Second_Hokage

3 years ago#1
I hear even tablets are becoming more powerful than Wii U.

User Info: guedesbrawl

3 years ago#2
probably is. i couldn't care less for that, though.
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User Info: segagamer

3 years ago#3
It will be a while TC.

The most powerful phones now are basically PS2 power at best. That can improve, but not right away.
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User Info: segagamer

3 years ago#4
And to answer the question.

Compared to current gen? No

Compared to next gen? Yes
Wii U+Xbox One :)

User Info: Nordini

3 years ago#5
Yes it is, but that's because it's not a next-gen console. It is what the Wii should have been years ago.
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User Info: Sad_Face

3 years ago#6
Judging from the new Super Mario 3D World screens, nope. Seems like a typical next gen console to me.

User Info: Howatizer

3 years ago#7
Considering the Wii U is around the equivalent of a PS 3 or Xbox 360 in terms of power and these are 8 year old consoles... Wii U is vastly underpowered. I own a Wii U and have enjoyed it, but it feels like it came out 6 years too late.

How is the Wii U going to garner any third party support once the PS 4 and X1 come out? Game Developers are not going to waste their time making a watered down port for the Wii U alongside their Next Gen cousins... and with how poorly the Wii U has sold so far, making a Wii U exclusive game is extreme limiting their sales potential.

Nintendo has to pull a rabbit out of their hat and fast, or we will be playing Mario and Zelda on the X2 and PS 5.
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User Info: Muljo Stpho

Muljo Stpho
3 years ago#8
I'm sure someone could find plenty of reasons to make that statement. But for me personally? My opinion is that it's completely irrelevant. "Who the **** cares?!" (My feelings, not an actual question.) I'm not one to be sold by a pretty picture, and I felt that way in the GC/PS2/Xbox days too. (I never thought about it at all going back to when I played NES as a kid, actually. I've pretty much always leaned towards what sounded interesting to me, not what could push out the prettiest picture.) My opinion is that the technology has been more than capable of "good enough" for quite some time now and any extra eye candy they can squeeze in on top of that is just a nice extra, not a requirement.
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User Info: big_pimper

3 years ago#9
ps4 is underpowered by todays standards
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User Info: Lvthn

3 years ago#10
Yes. It's considerably less powerful than many laptops available right now and marginally more powerful than consoles produced 8 years ago. I realize Nintendo fans are wowed by the fact that it's finally a Nintendo console in 1080p, but this is not a new thing to many/most other gamers.
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