Is the wiiU weak?

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User Info: smash66

3 years ago#1
Why are there so many inferior ports? Either lower framerate or muddier texture. As a nintendo fan in kinda makes me sad.T_T

User Info: Crazy_tank51

3 years ago#2
Devs hate putting in any more effort than they have to and the Wii U has a very different architecture than PS360.
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User Info: ill-thoughts

3 years ago#3
Weak....but Unique.

User Info: aiyobro

3 years ago#4
omg it is not weak at all it does what it advertises it's supposed to do at optimal settings

the only thing that is weak about it is the usb 2.0 for external hardrives

User Info: Shankspeare

3 years ago#5
we are all weak.

User Info: Gamer4e4

3 years ago#6
Yes, considering the date it launched, the hardware sadly is very weak indeed. :(

Even the total farce thats the Xbox One will outsell the Wii U and thats a joke.

User Info: avigeant83

3 years ago#7
Need For Speed, Splinter Cell, Deus Ex all look better on the Wii U than the 360/PS3 and it will just improve. It's weak compared to the xbone and PS4 but it's not that drastic as most will think.

User Info: Pac12345

3 years ago#8
I was going to give an actual answer, but since this is most likely a troll topic, I won't anymore.

User Info: CranberryPSO

3 years ago#9
It is a troll topic. Remember, with troll topics the only winning move is not to play.
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User Info: guttertalk

3 years ago#10
There's a difference between "weak" and "weaker."

The Wii U uses a RISC architecture which is capable of a lot, but the PowerPC is an old design, which Nintendo tried to compensate some for.

One reason several ports look bad is that the 360 and even PS3 had a design based on brute forcing instructions through the pipelines. The Wii U can actually handle more instructions more efficiently, but that requires a significant reworking of the game code.

Likewise, the Jaguar has its own set of problems, but the X1 and PS4 are going to rely on a lot of cores to take care of those problems. The Wii U is weaker, but it's not "3 cores vs 8 cores" weaker. That's a simplification that's not as bad as comparing clock speeds but somewhat similar.
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