TV is holding Wii U back

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User Info: MilesTeg420

3 years ago#1
From a game design perspective. Nintendo can't effectively implement touch based game design if the game will be played on a TV (outside of menu/inventory stuff).

If the TV could not be connected, Nintendo's games could take full advantage of the touchscreen for new gameplay opportunity. But, if the game will be played on TV, they can't implement touch into the main design because it obviously wouldn't work, or would lose it's appeal or effectiveness. They could design it with alternate controls, but one would always be inferior to the other somehow and it's a lot of work to design every game with two completely different control methods (touch vs non-touch).

Off screen play is great, but it's essentially playing a TV game on a 6.2in touch screen - meaning the touch isn't being utilized at all. If there was no TV, in addition to off screen there would be touch elements as well.

The Wii U concept is fundamentally flawed - they have a large touch screen but they can't fully utilize it, they can't effectively build a game based on touch gameplay if it will be played on TV. They need the TV for multiplayer and Netflix like stuff. They can't expect anybody to buy three extra Gamepads for local multiplayer either and the console can't even support that anyway.

Dual screen gameplay on Wii U has proven very mediocre and I feel like a Gamepad only experience would be preferable.

So, basically this console has TV as an anchor. I would like to see some Gamepad only games. You may say "touch gameplay sucks" but this controller has all the buttons you could need too. There's no reason combining the two couldn't result in a great experience. Having the Gamepad relegated to simple off screen play or inventory management is a waste of potential.

Iwata's Nintendo consoles are supposed to bring developers new ways to make games and I feel like Wii U is a flawed product in that it brings touch screen to home consoles, yet does so in a way that restricts the console's main feature, which is the touch screen. The Gamepad screen is relegated to "second screen" status when it's supposed to be the main attraction.

User Info: Jacob46719

3 years ago#2
Don't try this at home.
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3 years ago#3
sounds like a job for indy wii ware devs for sure.

But I'm honestly fine with well implemented menu functions, etc.
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User Info: oq7ster

3 years ago#4
Elite beat agents could be a great title to put the gamepad to test.

They can keep funky animations on the tv and the touch based gameplay. Off tv play could be done by overlapping the beat circles on top of the regular image when off tv is enabled.
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