Eurogamer say Wii U is the Next Gen console of choice this Xmas

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User Info: NintendoGamer83

4 years ago#1

'Why the Wii U is the best Next-Gen choice this Christmas'
Nintendo FTW. Sonic Lost World is actually pretty good.

User Info: iKhan88

4 years ago#2
It sounds feasible, Nintendo just needs to market their console to kids and casuals better. That is their market, and right now they are failing to reach it.
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User Info: Transdude

4 years ago#3
TLDR version:

Wii is ceasing production, Watch_Dogs delay shows how barren the selection of actual games is for the PS4 and XB1, Nintendo has Super Mario 3D World, Wii U does have some third-party support such as AC 4 and CoD Ghosts, Wii U has more colorful games like Pikmin 3 and W101 and WWHD, already has a year of games to play such as ZombiU and MH3U, Nintendo could push the tide depending on what they do, the 3DS had a parlor trick that was an instant success but wasn't fully explored, Wii U is still trying to fully identify itself, simplicity could be a substantial key to the Wii U's success, and Nintendo is at least trying to do something different unlike the other two consoles.

EDIT: The article forgot to mention the Wii U's backwards compatibility. Say what you will about it, but that is a huge edge over the other two consoles
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User Info: Beatperson14

4 years ago#4
I wonder how much Nintendo paid them to run that bunk article

Lmao, so false

User Info: HermeticJustice

4 years ago#5
as much as I love my Wii U, the fact that it might be the best choice this Winter season is actually quite depressing
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User Info: hiphops_savior

4 years ago#6
Beatperson14 posted...
I wonder how much Nintendo paid them to run that bunk article

Lmao, so false

Eurogamer writers are paid to research and evaluate objectively. It was something I knew for a long time, that the ps4 launch lineup is incredibly overrated and that most of the games that are announced won't be coming until next year.

The only exclusives the ps4 has is knack and Killzone shadow fall. We're talking n64 barrenness, remember super mario 64 and pilot wings?

Objectively, the Wii U is the better system this holiday. Does it mean it's the best system of the generation? Who knows.

User Info: Breastmilkn_Dip

4 years ago#7
"...heading into the first Christmas where it will be toe to toe with the Xbox One and PS4, the Wii U isn't just sizing up to the opposition - it's fast becoming, I reckon, the best next-gen proposition over the coming months. Maybe Nintendo didn't blow its lead after all - maybe it's been using the time wisely."

Jesus H. This (whole article) is just the kind of mealy mouthed, bull**** laden self-deception that makes my flesh crawl.

The Wii U = snakeoil. Get over it.
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User Info: smash66

4 years ago#8
Nintendo probably promised to hire him. Look at Audrey Drake, she overrate/hypes any Nintendo related stuff, now she's working at Nintendo.

User Info: BosSBaer

4 years ago#9
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User Info: Jackal

4 years ago#10
It's not the best choice for me.
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