2014 lineup without X & Bayo 2

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User Info: STE573

3 years ago#21
AhnoldDood posted...

Still don't see a joke there. Know why? People have made comments like that, and played it seriously. Also, the comment you replied to had the word "yankees" in it, you mentioned football and soccer and said that the lattet is what "people who are wrong" call it, and I know some mengs from the UK refer to Americans as yankees, so yeah.

Also, talking about football (any kind, really) randomly like that, when the comment was about baseball... may I say, not a clever move.

Are you really having a go because you are too narrow minded to allow for the thought that I might have just been telling a joke? The fact that you have read far enough in between the lines to find plastic racial connotation in what I said is pretty damning proof that you simply don't get the humour I was conveying. Thats not my fault.

If you don't like my joke, fair enough, it was a poor joke anyway, but for goodness sake don't dig at the person who told it just because you don't understand how it was a joke.
Im British!
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