Will COD Ghosts be a waste on Wii U?

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User Info: Skill4Reel

3 years ago#21
_SolidGear_ posted...
Commander Mode would have worked perfectly with the WiiU's Gamepad too.

I agree. Every time that I see a tablet demonstration of commander mode, it almost makes me weep for the Wii U gamepad. Lol. Sure we can't take the Wii U gamepad on the train, or play commander at work. Although logging into the game from the gamepad as commander when I don't want to play the regular way, or even having a second player in the room take that role. While another is on the pro controller would be incredible.

ghostofspartap posted...
the only thirdpart game that im suffering for it is need for speed rivals i had a blast with most wanted u and still play it too bad it will not coming to the wiiu and on the other side i dont care about crap of duty games... theyre errrmmmm crap

NFS Most Wanted was a good game on the Wii U even if father and son mode sucked. I just hate that EA is probably using low sales for this as a reason to not bring more games to the platform. When several people like myself had already purchased it on another console the year before. I bought the game on Wii U again just to support, and what do I get in return? None of the games like BF4 that I really want on WiiU. Need For Speed Rivals should be on Wii U too.

User Info: TheIastspartan

3 years ago#22
It's CoD, which makes it a waste on any console.

User Info: Otti_Opao

3 years ago#23
I have Black Ops 2 I have this one pre ordered, I have played Black Ops 2 online and will play this one online as well.

Not a waste in my opinion.

User Info: gldoorii

3 years ago#24
I still play BlOps and MW3 on my 360 quite frequently and was holding out for BlOps2 DLC to go on sale, but it hasn't happened yet, so I haven't bought the game until when I picked up a Wii U last month. I figured I'll just get it to mess around with since it was $20 and I'll pretty much skip it and the DLC for Ghosts later on. I actually really like it on Wii U and that's because of being able to play it on the game pad. I wouldn't get Ghosts on it because I own the 360, which will have a more populated online, but if the Wii U was my only console then I don't see any issues with Ghosts being on it. Who cares if games get watered down as long as they play right.
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User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#25
I haven't finished a campaign in CoD since the original Black Ops. I finished MW1, BO and WaW all on Veteran. MW2 had a horrid campaign, MW3 was no better and BO2 was awful from the get go. Honestly even BO was bad. Ghosts looks horrid as well and I don't feel like spending money on what amounts to a map pack for 60 bucks.

I'm not gonna say something dumb like lolCoD doesn't matter. It'll sell tons. I'm interested in how it performs on Wii U. I'm just done with the campaigns unless they make a big turn around. As much as I like Last of Us multiplayer I'm disappointed I spent 60 bucks on the game and couldn't enjoy the campaign.
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User Info: J4M35Z3RV05

3 years ago#26
tizzywilkillyou posted...
J4M35Z3RV05 posted...
tizzywilkillyou posted...
J4M35Z3RV05 posted...
Probably won't make that same mistake again, as it's WAY better on the 360.(gameplay wise, not community wise).

Huh? It's the same game. Unless you just mean lack of DLC. Which wouldn't exactly be a "gameplay" issue.

COD is built to run best on the XBOX, as it does. Menus load faster the "gameplay in multiplayer is tighter, smoother, and aesthetically it looks better.The game itself just pops more.
Not to mention there's an actual 10 second countdown before the match starts, unlike on the U where as
soon as the map loads the game is on.

Think what you want, as you are entitled to your own opinion. But Until COD is built ground up for a Nintendo console, it will always be second best. It may have prettier graphics, but it will perform best on XBOX consoles. Micro$oft money talks.

I'm pro COD for Wii U
But I'm also a realist.

This is the first time I've seen someone claim this, even among Wii U detractors.

Claim what? I happen to own the game on both consoles and can with confidence say that it's better on the 360. Play the same game on all 3 systems and U will see for yourself that the Xbox one runs it smoother, and with a lot less load time.

Hopefully this isn't the case for the U version of Ghosts, as I would like to see it succeed. Blops 2 was a rushed port and was still done well. Seeing as Treyarch already have some experience delveloping for the U. Maybe it will be in close comparison with the PS4 and XBOX1 versions. Minus the DLC of course.
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