Why do video game genres go out of style?

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User Info: EnmaDaio2588

3 years ago#31
A few reasons. Rhythm games died out because Rock Band/Guitar Hero kept releasing game-after-game in rapid succession. Yeah, we have Just Dance but that's hardly as demanding as older games like Guitar Hero, DDR, Parappa...

Shmups and Shooters died out because...I dunno...I guess they're too ingrained in the now-dead arcade culture. They don't really work as well in home as they do in arcades and suffer because of that. They're not dead but you won't see a big-budget Contra that plays like the original and the last huge Schmup that I remember was Ikaruga on the Gamecube.

Mostly though, I think genres die out because they're replaced by new or, better selling or, more popular alternatives.
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User Info: HayashiTakara

3 years ago#32
HermeticJustice posted...
HayashiTakara posted...
I miss my waves of JRPGs...

try going on the handhelds

they're many populars JRPGs released this year for the 3DS and VITA, with more coming soon (Bravely Default, Dragon Quest VII, Final Fantasy X HD)

I know, I have me some, but I miss playing them on the big screen :(

User Info: fuchikoma

3 years ago#33
Videogamegalaxy posted...
You hardly see flying games like Contra or R-Type anymore like in the 1990's, and platformers are not as mainstream these days as back than. So why do certain game genres die out over time?

The genre you're referring to is actually called Shoot em Ups... or SHMUPs for short. It's still a pretty active genre in Japan... Sine Mora is the most notable recent SHMUP that comes to mind. 2D platformers are still pretty active in the indy scene as well not to mention Rayman Legends is one of the best in the genre.

You still see lots of these games on handheld and mobile platforms since they're easier to pick up and play and don't require powerful hardware to run.

User Info: lordofthenlpple

3 years ago#34
Lack of freedom and the visuals arent any good.
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User Info: thepixelgarden

3 years ago#35
Interesting thread. Hope it doesn't get deleted, as interesting threads tend to get in this forum. Gotta make room for all those "Wii U sales" threads. /cynicism

On topic, I read a zen quote once that said something along the lines of "to the beginner, the possibilities are endless, but to the expert there are few possibilities". Or something like that.

I think that game companies used to do lots of experimenting, but eventually they obtained enough feedback from customers and their sales to see what sells the most. So they follow those trends. They invest momre money so they take less risks.

So I don't think it's so much that video games go out of style, because every niche still has its audience to a certain extent, but I think the industry has gotten a lot more lop-sided as far as what it produces and how much of it.

User Info: Lvthn

3 years ago#36
Oh yeah, the death of arcade culture was also a factor. Only fighters have really made it out alive and even they don't have the same dominance that they once did - it took online to really get them rolling again.

User Info: manmouse

3 years ago#37
Lvthn posted...
Oh yeah, the death of arcade culture was also a factor. Only fighters have really made it out alive and even they don't have the same dominance that they once did - it took online to really get them rolling again.

racing games made it out, but ended up being transformed a bit.
arcade style racers like Ridge Racer, Daytona series, Sega Rally, all that, may be fewer, but the genre survived by getting console-friendly tweaks, like racing sims where you have money and long progression and build up and advance your car collections. and then Kart racers with quirks like weapons and such, and more recognizable characters and level themes and and more outlandish physics, etc.
Jason Hart Maivia 3 years ago#38
It's mostly big-time publishers who deserves the blame for genres "dying". They refuse to publish certain games and/or genres because they feel that they can make even more money with already established franchises, with a really popular genre (like casual games, first-person shooters, and other action titles), and tv/movie-licensed games.

It's mostly because of greed that this happens. Luckily, you still find other companies, especially indie developers, sticking to what they enjoy and what they feel other gamers will enjoy. They don't have to worry about selling millions to make a profit and feel satiated. Even games that have lower budgets can still be very fun games, like Zack & Wiki, Art of Balance, Pier Solar, 999, Shantae, Mutant Mudds, Mighty Switch Force, Telltale Game's adventure titles (Walking Dead, Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Wolf Among Us, etc.), Toki Tori, Trine 2 and the Ace Attorney series.

Most of those games named probably would never see the day of being released on a home console by a big-time publisher, because they won't make the kind of money that Call of Duty, Madden, Killzone, Halo, Grand Theft Auto and Super Mario could make. They're mostly interested in finding "the next big thing". Many of them have forgotten that much of the general audience just want to play good games...not just popular ones.
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User Info: Ipsylos

3 years ago#39
We have moved into an era of massive games, and games like Contra, Gradius, r Type, MUSHA, etc. are the complete opposite. They're games that can be beat in a few hours and that's it.

I'm a huge fan of Shmups and if you look around, they are still being made, I got some from last gen and plan of getting a few more when I can. Just gotta import a good amount of shmups now since they're not popular in North America. Shooters will go the way of guitar hero sooner or later, then another genre will take charge and the cycle will never stop.
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User Info: plasmatic5

3 years ago#40
I miss 3D adventure collectathons like Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo Kazooie. A Hat in Time cannot get here fast enough.
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