I'm kind of glad the Wii U is flopping so bad tbh.

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  3. I'm kind of glad the Wii U is flopping so bad tbh.

User Info: Drumguy

3 years ago#21
AhnoldDood posted...
ThaPrinceRaziel posted...
ShindoSlash posted...
It means when I finally pick one up for Smash it will be dirt cheap instead of overpriced as it is now.

Sure for Nintendo the Wii U might be a failure but for me, the consumer, it couldn't be in a better situation.

This is how I bet most people feel who are planning to get a Wii U in the future whether they admit it or not.

This is exactly what I think also. Everyone learned from the Wii and 3DS, just wait a couple of months, it'll practically be in the bargain bin.

Yup. Just like how Brawl, NSMBW, Galaxy, Galaxy 2, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, SM3DL, NSMB2, and Sticker Star all dropped in price because the system failed.

Wait, none of this ever happened and it won't now.

Actually, SMG and TP DID drop in price. They were part of the Nintendo Selects collection.
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User Info: ShindoSlash

3 years ago#22
RPGrinder posted...
Anyone who wants a system to flop is a fool

I didn't say I wanted it to flop, I'm just saying it flopping benefits future customers like me who are only going to get it for a few select games there coming out regardless. you know, which is the case for most Nintendo fans these days.

I couldn't care less if it flops or not otherwise, I'm not a corporate slave.

Even if it does completely flop, Nintendo is still going to make more home consoles because they have so much cash in the bank. They easily afford several more failures and still be profitable from their handheld gaming alone.

Now if maybe 3 Nintendo home consoles flopped in a row THEN I might start to worry there will no longer be anymore Nintendo home consoles and I won't get to play the Nintendo games I want on them.
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User Info: MotiJr

3 years ago#23
LOL at the crazy fanboy trolls. I wonder how many of Sony and MS's mistakes need to be highlighted before they are called 'flopping'. Of course they can do no wrong to the fanboys so trolls will likely overlook them. PS4 can't use external hard drives but I'm sure they will get a free pass on that. No changing your PSN ID but it is Sony so who cares. Have to pay for online multiplayer but we don't mind because it is Sony multiplayer.
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  3. I'm kind of glad the Wii U is flopping so bad tbh.

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