Which was the most exciting Nintendo console transition?

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User Info: sketchturner

3 years ago#1
Which was the most exciting Nintendo console transition? - Results (118 votes)
Super Nintendo replacing NES
22.88% (27 votes)
Nintendo 64 replacing SNES
42.37% (50 votes)
GameCube replacing N64
13.56% (16 votes)
Wii replacing GCN
11.02% (13 votes)
WiiU replacing Wii
2.54% (3 votes)
GameBoy Color replacing GB
0% (0 votes)
GameBoy Advance replacing GBC
1.69% (2 votes)
DS replacing GBA
5.08% (6 votes)
3DS replacing DS
0.85% (1 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Personally, I think nothing can match the excitement of the N64. Going from Super Mario World to Mario 64 was absolutely astonishing at the time. I feel like never again can video games make such a quantum leap as they did at that time.
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User Info: most_games_r_ok

3 years ago#2
Having a tough time deciding between SNES to N64 or GBC to GBA.

User Info: SuigintouEV

3 years ago#3
It's true that in retrospect, the cartridge format really hurt Nintendo and the N64. We all know that FFVII, Xenogears, MGS, etc would have been N64 games if the system used CD.

But seriously, the move from SNES to N64 was AMAZING. I remember playing SM64 for the first time and thinking "I did not know this was possible". When I ran across the street to a buddy's house to play Pilot Wings 64 was an experience that was just unforgettable.

It was more than just the graphics... it was gaming itself that had moved to three dimensions. While that introduced the inevitable invisible walls, it also meant there was a lot to explore. Games like Diddy Kong Racing and Ocarina of Time were certainly something else.
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User Info: sketchturner

3 years ago#4
I will be interested to see how many people pick SNES simply because the SNES is now so popular and ended up so successful. I remember back when the system came out there wasn't a lot of hoopla for it. So many people I knew kept playing the NES for a few years after SNES came out. The adoption rate for SNES was quite gradual.

tl;dr--In retrospect, the SNES was a huge deal, but at the time of release most people were still pretty happy with the NES.
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User Info: Lugoves

3 years ago#5
Hard to pick between N64 or the SNES for me.
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User Info: The_Djoker

3 years ago#6
64 Easily. It was 2D to 3D. Nintendo weren't a joke back then either. Man I miss those days.

User Info: New Link

New Link
3 years ago#7
I had to base this off of my own personal experience and excitement at those times. I chose GCN > Wii.

Why? I started gaming on the NES, but never owned one. I first owned a SNES which satisfied me for... well it still does.

When the N64 came out (which is probably the correct answer) I lived on an island with only three other people on it, and we only got together and watched television once per week (a series call La Petite Vie") so i didnt get news of it until it had been out for a while. My first encounter with the N64 consisted of me translating the staple Mario game from english for my friend Charles.

A few years later I got a PS1, which held me over for most of the lifespan of that generation.

I also came into the GCN late, about midway through its lifespan I bought one, and also an Xbox (1) later on, about a year before Halo 2.

With the annoucements of the Revolution and Mario128 I was floored. The Wii was a fantastic looking machine which I bought on day one to compliment my Xbox360 (which RRoD, was replaced, RRoD's again, and given up on.)

The Wii U i was also very excited for, but I was unable to get one for the first month or so as they were sord out everywhere. By this time i had read/seen so much about it that the internet destroyed some of the mystique. I did buy one last December, and feel as if i have gotten my money's worth of entertainment out of it. I just know that I was more excited with the Wii's release. (Seriously, day 1 i got Twilight Princess, wii sports, and Red Steel. It was awesome (aside from red steel lol.))
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User Info: manmouse

3 years ago#8
while i like the SNES 100x more than the N64, i think it was mindblowing and inspirational to see the 5thGen consoles like PS, Saturn, and N64 appear, and seeing those first screenshots in magazines. just - "WOW! WHAT IS THIS?! THE FUTURE??!!!!"

the NES to SNES+Genesis transition was cool but it was more like, "awesome! this is great!"

and the PS/Saturn/N64 transition to Dreamcast/PS2/Xbox/Gamecube was soooo impressive and cool, but in the context of Nintendo transitions, it was more like, "oh ok cool, this is good." since the DC and PS2 were already out wowing people with the transition, so the GC, while impressive, was already coming to an audience who knew what to expect unless they didn't touch/look at other consoles.

User Info: Remembrent

3 years ago#9
I remember that transition from SNES to N64 as so massive. It was a really big deal to me at that age. The first time I played Mario 64, I was sucked in for hours and ultimately weeks.

User Info: davidohernando

3 years ago#10
NES to SNES... You weren't cool in my middle school if you didn't have a SNES. It was omgozers.
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