What system am I supposed to get?

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User Info: WillWare

4 years ago#11
Jacob46719 posted...
RebeccDOS posted...
The Wii, the Wii Mini, or the Wii U?

Is there a difference? Is the Wii Mini just a smaller wii? Is the Wii U and Wii any different? Just with a different controller?

Will my games fit in them?

the Wii is a 7th generation console. The Wii Mini is a smaller Wii without internet support. the Wii U is an 8th generation console.

Stop taking this topic seriously
I'm not exactly "normal." Hope this isn't a problem.
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User Info: hrodwulf

4 years ago#12
All 3, they work in tandem: the Wii is the main console, the Wii U is a tablet controller to enable touch capabilities to the Wii and makes it output HD graphics, and the Wii Mini enables remote and portable play of Wii games, just like Vita does for PS3 and PS4.

User Info: bear34

4 years ago#13
3DS vs. Vita ( Sept. 13. 13 - I had "Vista" for years until someone pointed it out)
I will have both soon!! :D
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