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User Info: TruthAndJustice

3 years ago#1
POLL QUESTION: Which next-gen console is your top priority?

This poll was posted on the three next-gen console boards: Playstation 4 board, Wii U board and the Xbox One board respectively. The poll was set to one IP per vote to avoid any possible poll rigging.

Users were advised to vote on all three polls (links provided) since technically, with multiple topics, it was three votes per IP - this was felt to be more fair. Assuming every person made a vote on all three boards, then roughly 450 unique IPs made a vote.


Playstation 4: 816 -- 60.53%

Wii U: 346 -- 25.67%

Xbox One: 186 -- 13.80%

Total Votes: 1,348


Playstation 4 Board: http://i.imgur.com/qnz2BUZ.png

Wii U Board: http://i.imgur.com/uQwBAlg.png

Xbox One Board: http://i.imgur.com/fkM5AwQ.png

User Info: RedHairVegeta

3 years ago#2
Excuse me, more spaghetti please.
And bring some more egg rolls while you're at it.

User Info: RahzarX

3 years ago#3
I'm gonna go ahead and divide all those numbers by 3 then.

Oh nvm it doesn't matter because all this represents is user activity and poll readership.
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User Info: Jacob46719

3 years ago#4
and it matters why?

User Info: R_Hunter

3 years ago#5
Interesting. Expected, but interesting nonetheless.
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User Info: halomonkey1_3_5

3 years ago#6
TruthAndJustice posted...

I think when you compare these results with the other two, you can see that Nintendo really isnt that compelling to gamers who arent already pretty die hard Nintendo fans, but they do obviously have a very large amount of fanboys/etc. Not unsurprising, but it just shows how little non-Nintendo fans(as in, people who arent being swayed by Nintendo's offerings thus far) are interested in the Wii U.

I dont think Nintendo can keep up the "we're not in the same market as those guys!" stuff when its becoming increasingly clear they arent in a good place(with regards to the people who will show up to buy a new console at launch, the people who are hardcore gamers without an allegiance to any particular brand).

Obviously this isnt a scientific study, but it does show how much more compelling the "hardcore" consoles are to traditional gamers who arent Nintendo fanboys, and the sales are backing that up right now.
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User Info: CyborgTwenty

3 years ago#7
R_Hunter posted...
Interesting. Expected, but interesting nonetheless.

User Info: Lord_Frood

3 years ago#8
Jacob46719 posted...
and it matters why?

Why are people so f***ing negative?
I don't know why, Jacob46719, and I'm sorry that it doesn't really matter. Please forgive TC for wasting his, yours, and everyone else's time here today.
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