Do you care about points in a Mario game?

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User Info: STN79

3 years ago#11
I didn't even care about points in the original super Mario bros. I just wanted to make it to that flag pole at the end. When a play Pac-man i'm not even doing it for a high score. I'm just trying to survive until i get all the power pellets and make it to the next map. Points haven't mattered to me since gaming began. It was about beating the levels and getting as far as i could.
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User Info: aggron306

3 years ago#12
I barely notice them, all I know is that they get me free 1 ups and that's cool.
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User Info: deathwave21

3 years ago#13
wiiking96 posted...
Super Mario 3D World has the points system of the 2D games.

I think it'd be interesting to have points unlock new levels or other content.
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