I want more Tales games for Nintendo

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User Info: MikasaAyanami

3 years ago#1
I've had to get my fix from the PS3 for the last games and I shouldn't have to. Tales of Symphonia is the best in the series to this day for me and it was exclusive for the Gamecube. I wish we had more games like those, I'm kind of sad.

User Info: vashtricham

3 years ago#2
They should stay on Sony, Xillia just sold well no need to mess with that
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User Info: jb08045

3 years ago#3
Tales of Vesperia is the best in the series but yeah. I'd love a 3DS Tales but Namco already said they're sticking to Sony pretty much. There's really no profit on the Wii U but why not support the 3DS instead of the vita, I mean everyone has one.
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User Info: SS4_Namreppiv

3 years ago#4
Namco could always do like they did for the 3DS, port an older, yet popular, Tales of title to the Wii U and see how it sells. I know that it wouldn't cost them much to port the Japanese PS3 version of Vesperia to the U. Fans of the original wanted the update, but unless they imported it, they were out of luck. SO, Namco should throw us a bone.
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User Info: iKhan88

3 years ago#5
Nintendo needs to work with Namco to push another Tales game. Part of what made Symphonia successful was that Nintendo helped promote it.

Symphonia is still a beloved game, but the Tales team is understaffed and underfunded, so Nintendo pushing a game and leveraging Synphonia's success could lead to another successful Nintendo Tales game.
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User Info: shadowysea07

3 years ago#6
vashtricham posted...
They should stay on Sony, Xillia just sold well no need to mess with that

xillia has no confirmed sales numbers for na just estimates from the world wide sales number after subtracting jpn's already known numbers.

the problem with being on sony systems is that the series has had more fans on nintendo systems and the xbox by a noticeable margin.

xillia certainly did better than the horrible graces situation and the next couple tales games can only benefit from the base the 2 have built for it. but the sales are still pretty low though as long as bamco is satisfied with them and we continue to get localizations and support for the ps3 all's well I suppose. better late than never. now if they would just get it through their thick skulls to port hearts innocence and the possible tempest remakes to the ps3 that way they don't have an excuse for not localizing them. either that or 3ds ports.
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User Info: leeko_link

3 years ago#7
Hopefully we get one Tales game for Wii U. We didn't get Tales of Graces for the Wii last gen and playing the port on PS3 was disappointing which I regret asking why I ever wanted that game to be release in the first place, same for Tales of Phantasia for GBA. A main Tales game like Symphonia, Abyss, or Phantasia would be awesome.

User Info: CLupula

3 years ago#8
Well, Baba has confirmed that the next Tales title will most likely ALSO be PS3 only.

After that, he said he'll look at the sales of the systems that are current at the time and where the majority of the JRPG fans are and stick to that one system.

User Info: VirtuaSnipa

3 years ago#9
May as well add tales to the "NO SALES, NO SUPPORT" look developers are so very much addicted to sadly.

Hey...I liked graces, it wasn't that bad...just extremely linear somewhat.

User Info: Iokua

3 years ago#10
vashtricham posted...
They should stay on Sony, Xillia just sold well no need to mess with that

No it didn't, any existing sales estimations peg it at less than 150,000, which is not enough to really even justify localization.

I'd rather not see a Tales Of on a Nintendo system, or any system for that matter. The series hit its peak with ToDR and Tales of Vesperia. From a gameplay perspective it will never top ToDR, from a story and character perspective it will never top Vesperia. Every entry in the series since ToV has been godawful, they've jumped the shark, the series is better off dead.
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