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User Info: horror_spooky

4 years ago#1
On a scale of 1 to 10... - Results (99 votes)
9.09% (9 votes)
11.11% (11 votes)
32.32% (32 votes)
20.2% (20 votes)
9.09% (9 votes)
4.04% (4 votes)
2.02% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
1.01% (1 votes)
11.11% (11 votes)
This poll is now closed.
7/10 for me. Gorgeous game, some really fun levels, but also a lot of frustration and the most cringe worthy dialogue on the Wii U yet

Grand Theft Auto V - 81%
Batman: Arkham Origins - 78%
Beyond: Two Souls - 77%
Killzone: Mercenary - 75%
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - 72%
The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith - 69%
L.A. Noire - 68%
WWE 2K14 - 52%

Pokemon X & Y
Valkyria Chronicles
Rayman Origins
Resistance 3
Battlefield 4
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure
Xenoblade Chronicles
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions..

User Info: senelcoolidge_

4 years ago#2
I wish people would vote seriously.
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User Info: NickTheBlitz

4 years ago#3
8/10. It's not terrible game, and I've certainly played much worse. I see it as more a "two steps forward one step back" situation.

The level design is immense and reminds me of the Genesis days. The visuals are gorgeous. The old badniks returning are a treat, and really help define Sonic as a universe--as opposed to the realistic robots from Adventure 2 onward. And do I even need to say anything about that music?

And yet, there's still too much "Dimps-ing." Too many automated parts, too much block platforming, practically zero momentum physics, and way too many frustrating deaths that simply aren't necessary. And taking away the old 100 rings = 1 life; in a game that's ridden with cheap deaths in later levels? Just plain foolishness.

Sonic Lost World isn't nearly as bad as everyone is saying it is. But it had room to be so much more.
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User Info: Motobug321

4 years ago#4
8/10 for me. The only real issue I had with the game was the very disappointing implementation of color powers. Overall though I thought the gameplay was tight, the music was great, the cutscenes were amusing, and the overall game was an awesome experience.

User Info: horror_spooky

4 years ago#5
senelcoolidge_ posted...
I wish people would vote seriously.

same, but the trolling evens itself out so the games will still end up with fair scores when compared to the others...as they have all been afflicted by trolling
Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions..

User Info: Rasputin77

4 years ago#6
senelcoolidge_ posted...
I wish people would vote seriously.

I know, right? That one 10/10 vote is outrageous. **stomps feet**
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User Info: fon1988

4 years ago#7
I have 5 of the Chaos Emeralds and have completed the main story and I have to say Sonic Lost World is nowhere near as bad as the reviews make it out to be.

There are definitely some annoying things like cheap deaths, homing attack problems, overly easy bosses, etc that stop it from being great, but it's definitely a fun game.

I give it a 7/10.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

4 years ago#8

I love the dialogue and I think the levels are great. Even the harder ones (in fact, I don't even see what makes them hard). The game is really short without much fun stuff to do in terms of extras though. The hidden world is horrible and the bosses are downright terrible. The level design is far better than Generations though (which completely drops the ball in most of the later stages). Sonic Colors isn't even a contender.

Best game since Sonic Heroes, but due to some stupid flaws, not as good.
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User Info: horror_spooky

4 years ago#9
I don't mind people giving it extreme scores like 10 or 1 if they truly feel that way, but the reality is most of those scores are people that probably never even played the game D:
Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions..

User Info: Halladay32

4 years ago#10
I'm wavering between a 6 and a 7. I don't think the game is bad, but there are certain design choices and certain level ideas that feel poorly executed. The parkour system in particular feels unnecessary, or even detrimental, in my opinion -- there have been more than a few times where I've died in 2-D sections because of Sonic sticking to a wall when I didn't want him to. I don't think the visuals are all that appealing either, and it's disappointing that we have to go through the same level tropes yet again. And the amount of content feels a bit lacking overall.

All that being said, I had fun more often than I was frustrated, and I think the soundtrack is pretty great. I also rather liked Eggman's portrayal in this game, he seemed less goofy.

Oh, one last point, the ice physics in this game are horrible, just the worst. Actually yeah, the ice physics alone have convinced me to vote a 6.
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