Wii U: A Supplementary Console?

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User Info: lazer_lice

3 years ago#51
MotleyKhon posted...
nonexistinghero posted...
NovaLevossida posted...
Pretty much. I've called it complementary, but it's the same thing. I just can't look at the Wii U (and the Wii before it) as main consoles. They'll miss out on far too many games, and they offer far too few features compared to what Sony and Microsoft offer. It's a good second choice console if you're going to buy a second one, but it's just not ever going to be the prime first choice.

The Wii had many of the best games of the 7th generation. And missing out on those is alright? Really, you've turned into nothing more than a common troll -__-

It's because of the negligence and general dumbassary of the "core gamers" (lol, I consider you casuals) that the wii was overlooked and viewed for novelty purposes only.

I call BS, it has one of the most diverse and entertaining games library of any console ever made.
The only thing it lacked was the online features of the xbox.

Anyone, and I mean anyone,who ever says that the wii was not a console for serious gamers, or that it couldn't be used as a "main console" Is an ignorant fool, and certainly not a gamer.

Don't agree with me? Put your gamercard in the bag and gtfo.

LOL@this kid ^

User Info: aggron306

3 years ago#52
Well you are all going to slay me for this but I am having my Wii U (along with my 3DS, not sure if you will count that as another console) as my main console. My reason is that Nintendo rarely dissapoints with their games, and I prefer games where I will have fun. Also Wii U games are cheaper than PS4 and Xbox One games and I am very poor.
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User Info: Rasputin77

3 years ago#53
DiscostewSM posted...
Nothing wrong with it being supplementary to a PS3, and soon, a PS4

Couldn't agree more. It's the most natural arrangement possible.
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User Info: deathwave21

3 years ago#54
Nintendo consoles have always been for the core gamer. Nintendo knows that the majority of their first party titles are far superior than third party titles. Third parties know this as well, which is why few third party offerings appear on Nintendo systems anymore. Nintendo gamers are very picky and expect more out of their games.

Maybe one day when third party developers start putting 110% effort into their games like they used too, Nintendo will fight to get them back. The only third party game worth a crap that Nintendo missed out on was GTAV, and that had nothing to do with hardware or demographics.
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User Info: AlexFili

3 years ago#55
PC & Wii U is a good combo. Saving up cash for future consoles is a good plan
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