Ha! Take that Nintendo haters!

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User Info: Too_many_names

4 years ago#41
Rasputin77 posted...
segagamer posted...
I thought people hated the Wii U, not Nintendo.

Correct, but they're excited. This game is probably the most excited many of them have been for this system since launch... I guarantee at LEAST a dozen stained pairs of underoos.

Plus, they love to imagine all of this... **motions to board** ... like it's some sort of "contest" or "war", where they have to "prove themselves", with "haters" and "fanboys" and "factions" and inside jokes and... bleeech. =/ Yeah, it's a little pathetic.

Just... let them have this. This board has been pretty embarrassing as of late, and I always throw at least one round when I'm crushing someone at an online fighting game. It's just the right thing to do. ;)

You realize you are "fighting" people who have no logic behind their posts, or they are just "trolling" or whatever for the heck of it. It pains me to say it but, the loser here is you, me, and everyone who actually puts thought into comments that are directed towards "brick walls". It is time wasted.

What is really sad, though, is that a smart person like you has actually taken a side in this stupid "fanboy" war, or whatever you call...this:

User A: 3D world will crash the PS4 and XB1; they suck. Nintendo does nothing wrong!
User B: *the exact opposite*

That's pretty much this board summed up. And you really are not coming off as the superior user here; you are more of a laughing stock.

Also, letting people have a free round is not the right thing to do. Giving false hope to someone before crashing them is actually sadistic.
An old man once told me: "No old man is to be trusted".
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