Favorite Nintendo Wii U game music (Nintendo)

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User Info: chillv

3 years ago#1
(Edit: Please disregard the "(Nintendo)" at the end)This can also include apps such as Mii Maker. Please only use Wii U exclusive titles. Add a reason why you like this music if you want too.

Mii Maker (Creating a Mii)
This music actually makes me feel excited for making a mii.

Pikmin 3 (Garden of Hope, Twilight River)
They keep that sense of peacefulness that Pikmin is known for. However, during battle when the music changes, it suddenly gets that adrenaline going getting you ready to take on your enemy.

Pikmin 3 (Boss: Vunerable)
This music actually gives you the sense that you have switched things around and showed the boss who is the "real boss".

Family Party 30 Great Games: Carpet, Quicksand and Balance Bridge
Although this game is lackluster, this music actually gets you excited to play whenever you hear it.

Game & Wario (All Soundtrack)
Simply all soundtrack is an ackward and weird masterpiece. From the cluck-a-pop with gibberish voices speaking in the background, to the absolutely undescribable music from Sketch.

Sonic Lost World (Windy Hill Zone 4 (Part 2)
This tops all of the remixes for windy hill zone because the emphasize the music with extra trumpets.

Sonic Lost World (Frozen Factory Zone 3)
This music is really fitting for a snowball level. However, fits very well with Zeena flirting and girly talk. This is because it sounds like music you would hear for a couple going on a date together.

Sonic Lost World (Silent Forest Zone 2 and 4)
The relaxed vibe fits well with the forest theme and it also is very fitting with Zor's comments about Sonic.

Sonic Lost World (Sky Road Zone 3)
This songs faithful vibe fits very well as a clash between Zavok's discouraging words.

Sonic Lost World (Rail levels)
This music stirs up several emotions whenever I hear it, I don't know whether to feel happy or sad. It is truely a masterpiece.

Mario & Sonic Sochi 2014 (Medley Mania)
This music gets me excited to play a medley every single time I hear it.

User Info: bass260

3 years ago#2
Nice topic!

I'll just list some...

- The Wonderful 101 Theme
- Garden of Hope (Pikmin 3)
- Mario & Sonic Remix's
- Desert Ruins 1 (Sonic Lost World)
- Frozen Factory 2 (Sonic Lost World)
- Everything in Runner 2
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User Info: king_reggie_28

3 years ago#3
Nearly the entire Super Mario 3D World soundtrack.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

3 years ago#4
New Super Mario Bros. U
- Overworld
- Underground
- And probably others

I need to play more of Sonic Lost World since I didn't listen to enough money from that game (I wish Crush 40 made a theme song for this game. If they would of made one, I would so list it here).
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User Info: wiidbzxt009

3 years ago#5
Mass Effect 3 - Title Screen music.

All Stars Racing Transformed - Galactic Parade
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User Info: NovaLevossida

3 years ago#6
Mario 3D World ghost house theme.
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User Info: SyCo_VeNoM

3 years ago#7
Pikmin 3's intro. just something about it, and the calm landscape it shows is relaxing.

Wish I could say anything about mario 3d world, but friggin amazon decided to change my pre-orders delivery date from monday to next friday(after they shopped it on top of it so I couldn't even cancel)... Never pre-ordering from them again they pulled the same crap on my 3ds when I got it when it came out.
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